Monday, April 30, 2007

Unconditional Love - By Sjef Van De Laak

We are all creations of God’s image.

Essentially there is only one of us in this universe.

Given that Love is the resource of the entire Creation,

we all will be unconditional loved and supported from nature.

However love needs to be put in motion, will it be noticed and experienced.

It is like a latent Force, that needs to be stirred up to finally realize what it means in our lives.

Everything in the Universe is energy, ceaselessly in motion and in circulation.

As an exhalation creates new space for a new inhalation, everything that we give, creates new
space to receive.

All we give with all one’s heart, will once somehow or other, multiplied be returned!

That is why the best investment for the future is to let Love flow.

Let your Love flow without restraint, unconditioned and heartfelt.

This is living from an open heart, which embraces the entire Creation.

We would not be able to love somebody else, if we did not carry love within us.

Our heart is filled with love.

Every one of us has at one’s disposal so much love, that we would be able to fill the entire
universe with it.

Love is an engagement of your heart and not a calculated decision from your mind.

If your heart send out Love, there are no ulterior motives.

However if your mind decides to Love, there must be a snag somewhere.

The mind leaded by the ego, calculates first what can I gain from it.

The ego likes to measure Love into doses and let Love flow or stops love, depending on what it
likes to do at the moment.

However Love does not let itself measure in doses.

Either Love is given completely or Love is restrained, there is no comprise.

In the Universe there is no lack of Love, only the thought that Love is not available.

If people can only give us their love or respect if we have fulfilled their criterion, what is the real
quality of their Love
How much value does their respect really have ??

Is it coming from their heart or from their ego??

Their love is just conditional and therefore not sincere.

Are we going to settle with this conditional love all our live time, or do we want to feel the
sensation of really be loved like the way we feel at this precious moment?

I ensure you such a unconditional Love is possible.

We do not need to possess anything or anybody and it is not depending on anybody’s laws or
mode of life.

Love is not liable at performance, what ever we do or do not do.

Unconditional Love comes from your inner being, from the core of your heart , from your sole. It
flows from the embrace of your own being and all its manifestations. Within your self-being
is the Source of authentic, pure and not simulated Love.

The Soul does not make itself subordinate at exterior results and never measures her self-respect
at the instability of the situation.

What ever happens, or which decision we take, Our Self Inner Being, The decision-maker , always will be inviolable!

Every doubt or judgement about this subject is an illusion of the Ego, which locks up itself in a dualistic conscious.

Our Soul prefers to put its attention on the challenge of being spontaneous creative Instead of trying to prove how successful she is.

She gives herself all the liberty to expand in a relaxed way, to evaluate or to grow, because the choices are not longer linked to self-judgement.

Sjef van de Laak

Sunday, April 29, 2007

You've Got What It Takes! - By Edi Sowers

I love to run for exercise.

Some of my most peaceful memories are of my early morning jogs through the gorgeous beach community of Coronado, California. The pounding sound of the waves on the sand, the padding of my feet on the pavement, the occasional “ ‘mornin” to a fellow jogger passing by in the dark.

Then there were the runs on the path winding through the Saguaro National Monument in Tucson, Arizona. The cool, crisp air; roadrunners scampering into the brush; and the sun just beginning to peak up over the horizon.

When I moved from “out west” to “back east” to the Washington DC area, my runs took on a different flavor as I began to explore the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the miles-long path winding along the Potomac south to George Washington’s Mt. Vernon home.

Running has always provided an escape, a challenge, a reward. I’d always been more of a plodder than a “real” runner, but in my mind – when I rounded the corner at the end of a longer-than-ever run, I may as well have been a gold medal winner in the Olympic games!

That is – until, “ouch”. One day, I began to notice a new and unfamiliar pain in my back. It became nearly debilitating – and it seemed that my previously glorious runs were now the perpetrator of this nagging, aching and sometimes stabbing pain.

Various doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists all advised me that running may well have been the culprit. As difficult as it was to admit and accept, I realized that no amount of enjoyment from a run was worth that pain.

That was about 4 years ago. I’d written off running, and “settled for” walking. Over these past years, when I see someone scampering along enjoying their run – I long for “the good old days.”

This past week I was inspired by one of my coaching clients. She shared with me her new-found love of running, and is even competing in a duathlon this weekend! Oh, man – I was itching to get out there again!

So, when I climbed up on the treadmill for my walk, I gave it a go. Only 10 minutes of jogging at a snail’s pace – sandwiched in between two periods of walking - landed me in the proverbial “hurt locker.” This time it wasn’t my back (yea!) – but it was just some good old-fashioned soreness from muscles, ligaments and tendons that hadn’t been used that way in years. How humiliating – to be “stove up” after a measly 10 minutes!! I spent the next 36 hours or so rubbing my sore places, determined not to give up. All it takes is time, patience, and determination to get back what you’ve lost.

Throughout my years of running, I gained many profound spiritual and life lessons. So I’m not surprised that the first attempt at it after years of laying off brought up application not just for ME, but for us all!

Most anything that’s worth having requires diligence, discipline, and a willingness to take small, sometimes painful and difficult baby steps. If this “something” you’re working for is something you’ve known in the past – it may seem even MORE difficult to “get it back” because you have the over- glamorized memory of your glory days, and it’s hard to start from scratch again. But, the advantage is this –

you know from personal experience what it takes, and you know that you've got what it takes!

My second treadmill jog was 5 minutes longer – and a lot less painful. I’m hopeful and determined that I, too, will once again be scampering along the path before long with the wind in my hair and a smile on my face.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

What's on YOUR Wall? - By Scott Ginsberg

If you’re self-employed like me, regular "punches in the face" can do you some good.

To keep yourself on point.

To keep yourself motivated.

To keep yourself accountable.

And here’s the good news: the perfect resource to accomplish these goals is right before your eyes.

Your office walls.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with wall decorations. From my house growing up to my college apartments to my present office, “no white space” has always been my motto. (I even lost my deposit once because the landlord complained that when I moved out I left behind “hundreds of holes.”)


But from a self-motivational standpoint, covering your office walls with personalized, vibrant and positive decorations can actually help you become more successful.

Here are a few suggestions:


Take a few of your biggest, most important goals. Post them nice and big - right in front of your face! Make sure they’re inescapable from your eyesight so you HAVE to look at them at least three times a day. Odds of you accomplishing your goals will triple. Promise.

Mission Statement.

The one (and only) thing I took away from The Seven Habits was the section about creating a personal mission statement. Years later, I still keep my PMS posted to the left of my door. That way I see it every time I leave. I suggest you do the same.


Every time an article of mine appears in a print publication, I hang a copy on my wall. Not because I’m an egomaniac, but because surrounding myself with visual reminders of small victories builds confidence. So, think back to your three best accomplishments from the past year. Find some way to represent them visually, and stick ‘em up there!


These are the perfect tools (er, words) to keep you motivated. Go see my friends at Quote Garden for some great material. Then grab a few of those giant sticky notes and post several of your favorite one-liners around your office.


First, think about the most important questions you need to be asking yourself regularly. Then make posters, dry erase boards or signs and hang them high. Be sure they can be seen from across your office. Possible suggestions are, “What did you write today?” “How many calls did you make today?” and “Is what you’re doing right now consistent with your #1 goal?”


“Act as if you already are the person you want to become and you will eventually become the person you want to become,” said my mentor. So, think about your long-term goals and dreams. Maybe it’s to own a beach house. Or to achieve a senior-level position. Or to secure an appearance on Oprah. Or to be featured on the cover of a magazine. Whatever your goal is, you MUST actually, physically, literally, create an image of having already achieved it. Hell, sneak into the CEO’s office and take a picture of yourself sitting in her chair if you have to! I don’t care. Just do it. I know it sounds ridiculous. But trust me. When your goal comes to fruition, people won’t be laughing - they’ll be applauding.

Look. I know it seems like a lot of stuff to hang on your wall. But why not? It’s just empty space. You may as well cover it with something productive.

OH, AND HERE’S THE BEST PART: next time a customer or coworker comes into your office, they’re gonna stop and look around.

And they will be amazed.

Because you’ve visually PROVED to them that you’re dedicated to success.


What's on your wall?


Email me with your best decoration-motivation ideas!

© 2007 All Rights Reserved.
Scott Ginsberg, aka "The Nametag Guy," is the internationally recognized author of four books, including "The Power of Approachability" and "How to be That Guy." He delivers speeches and publishes online learning tools that help businesspeople make a name for themselves - one conversation at a time. He can be reached at 314/256-1800 or email

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Ultimate Million Dollar Challenge - of Yourself - By Demond Jackson

How do you spell success? Is it M-I-L-L-I-O-N? Is it $25 an hour? Is it $12 an hour? Being able to comfortably pay all your bills with an extra $50 in the bank? How do you personally define success? If you have not reached that level of achievement, how close are you?

We must be consciously aware of where we are going if we ever expect to reach it. Being average is so common that only a small group of high achievers ever go for the gold and get it. This is not the time to stand around and watch others live a dream-come-true lifestyle. It's time for you to do it. There's not a person reading this article who cannot manifest whatever level of success they desire.

If there is anyone doing what you want to do or living the lifestyle you desire, it is possible for you. The greatest challenge we face when we decide to move from one level of success to another is change. We all want things to be different in our lives, but we fail to understand that we must change ourselves in order to see change our around us.

For most of us, change is one of those things no one wants to talk about. We want our income to rise, body to get stronger, marital and parental relationships to enhance without our consciously and actively doing our part. Any changes we desire in our lives must come as a direct result of changing ourselves. If we desire to lose weight, we must change our schedule to include a daily workout regimen. If we desire to earn a higher income, we must be willing to unplug the television, disconnect the telephone, and do anything else possible as we commit to our objective. If we desire to develop our intellect, we must do the things conducive to that and refrain from things that counteract that objective.

My stock market mentor Wade Cook says it best: "If the next five years of your life are like the last five, where will you be in five years?" What a profound statement, don't you think? If the next five years of your life remain the same as now, are you going for the gold and getting it, or are you living in what Anthony Robbins calls no man's land, a place where "you're not really happy, but you're not unhappy enough to do anything about it"?

If you are currently in no man's land, this article is here to disrupt the negative patterns that are guiding your life. If you are pursuing more meaningful and lasting success, this article will keep you focused on the journey.

The interesting thing about life is that we all want something, but we are not all actively pursuing it. We all have goals and objectives, but the challenge is that our goals don't inspire us. Instead of making a firm decision to quit smoking, end that adulterous relationship, or have a great relationship with our step-children, we say things to ourselves like "I'll try." The problem with "I'll try" is that it leaves the door wide open for failure, which makes us feel bad, which in turn makes it even that more difficult to step out and pursue another of our heart's desires.

So what is the best way to develop goals and objectives that inspire us? We must get angry, disappointed and disturbed about the way things currently are in our lives and decide to do anything we possibly can do to move away from that negative feeling. The two guiding forces in our lives are pain and pleasure. We must be able to make the pain of not changing more painful than making the changes necessary for the success we desire.

Some of us have bad habits, bad friends, and bad attitudes that will definitely hinder us on the road to success. We must be honest with ourselves and ask difficult questions. What has this destructive relationship cost me? Has life been better since dropping out of college, or do I need to enroll next semester? Is watching Regis Philben make someone else a millionaire helping me achieve more, or do I need to cut that television off and develop my own unique plan of success?

Success is available to all. No one is exempt. It is true that we do not all have the same education, resources, connections, etc. The only even playing field we all possess is time. What we decide to do with that time will determine the results that appear in our lives, both positive and negative.

Yesterday is gone. We must release the past so we can make forward progress into the future. Today is all we have. What we do with our today will determine whether our next five years are like our last five. Each day we choose. We are in control. We must make firm decisions that will inspire us to action despite the necessary changes required.

Change is necessary for all success, whether spiritual, social, physical, educational and intellectual, or financial. To enhance those areas of our lives, we must change the way we think, change what is important to us, and change our daily activities to achieve the desired outcomes. At times things may seem difficult, but nothing is impossible.

Decide what you want. Why is it a must that you have those things? Feel the pain of disappointment and failure if you don't make the changes. Decide what habits, relationships, and time wasters are preventing you from getting what you want. Make a list of the positive habits, relationships and time management systems needed to go to your next level of success. Create a working plan and work your plan.

The last part of the equation is perseverance. Never give up. Failures give up. Decide today that you are a high achiever who will go for the gold and get it, and you will.

Demond is an author, a freelance writer, a Personal Development/ Business
Coach and the owner of Stop by today to get a FREE Personal Mission Statement.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Do You Want to Increase Engagement and Happiness? - By Maurine Patten

Are you tired of feeling like you are just going through the motions in life? How would things be different for you if you felt excited or passionate about your life? Feeling engaged in what you are doing is one of the four types of happiness described in A Primer in Positive Psychology (2006) by Christopher Peterson. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi refers to it as flow.

Engagement is being involved in activities that attract and hold your attention. Athletes refer to it as "being in the zone"; others say it is being focused. Characteristics of being engaged are:

• Having high levels of concentration and focus

• Being unaware of feelings in the moment

• Feeling invigorated afterwards

• Losing track of time

• Using your strengths

• Living your values

• Being authentic

Being engaged in an activity creates positive emotions afterwards that build psychological resources. It can be thought of as psychological capital that will build your cognitive and behavioral repertoire for future actions. It helps you manage stressful areas in your life by creating positive emotions that can undo the physiological effects of negative emotions, such as anxiety. Cognitively, you experience enhanced verbal fluency and attention, increased openness to information, and greater working memory.

Engagement in the work place is critical for both the employer and employee. According to a recent Gallup study that looked at three types of U.S. employees, only 28% of the employees could be described as engaged. This meant that they worked with a passion, had a strong connection to their company, were innovative, and moved the organization forward. Of the 72% that were not engaged, 55% were basically sleepwalking through their day, putting in their time. No energy or passion went into their work. The final 17% were actively disengaged. They were unhappy at work and acted it out by under-mining what the engaged coworkers accomplished.

The key to being engaged is finding the optimal balance between skill level and challenge. The challenge must meet your skill level, and vice versa. If there is too much challenge or too low a skill level, it is difficult to feel engaged. As you learn more or become more skilled, the challenge must be increased.

For engagement to be present in the business world, there needs to be a balance between the challenge and skill level of the activity. The higher the challenge the more support is needed from leaders and managers.

Engagement can be experienced at any age level and in all kinds of activities. Whether at work or play, the activities are often perceived as voluntary. You do not have to be an expert.

Students rarely experience engagement during school activities or doing homework. Watching television, hanging out with friends, or playing video games does not create true engagement because the level of inspiration does not last. These activities fall more into what is called "false engagement". On the other hand, discussions or deeper conversations with friends may be true engagement if the basic characteristics are met.

What activities can you choose to do daily that will allow you to experience this level of happiness? The rewards for engagement are tremendous. Whether it is short-lived or longer, you will benefit from activities that allow you to be engaged – to build the positive emotions that further inspire and motivate you.

Copyright (c) 2007 Maurine Patten

Maurine Patten, Ed.D., CMC, Maximize Your Possibilities

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Opportinity Is Knocking... Are You Coming Out To Play - By Karen Senteio

When we were kids, it was the best thing in the world to have friends knock on our door and ask you to come out and play. You did not have to know what you were going to do that day. You were perfectly fine with getting outside and creating something to do. You were innovative, motivated and believed that anything was possible. You were ready to take action and try something new, get dirty and take a risk if it meant you ultimately were happy with the result. Opportunity knocked and you were ready.

Somewhere along the way, it became harder and harder to step out of the house and play. I am not sure if the kids stop knocking or we stopped answering. Either way, we stopped inventing, playing, dreaming, doing and taking action on the things that interested us. They were silly childhood things that no longer had a place in our lives. I beg to differ. They are what will make you come alive again.

It is the childhood skills of reinventing, exploring, doing and taking action on opportunities that are the new core competencies in making real change in your life. They are the keys to open doors that seemed closed. You have these skills, but they may be locked up somewhere in your head. Lucky for you, that little kid inside you knows where the keys are. Find them and shake them.

If you are in a dead end job and you desperately need a new opportunity, shake them. If you are thinking about starting a new business, but are afraid of what people may say, shake them. If you are thinking about going back to school, but think you are too old, shake them. If you think you have burned too many bridges to change who you have been, shake them. If you are thinking big and others are telling you to play small, shake them. Shake them until you shake some sense into yourself.

What are you waiting for? The sun is shining. Opportunity is knocking. Go out and play.

Karen Senteio

President of VERVE, life and business coaching. VERVE means vivacious and talented. You are both.
VERVE…uncover and live your passion.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tinnitus Forces You to Learn - By Paul Tobey

Do you know the main reason why most people don’t get the results they desire? It’s because they don’t follow through on anything long enough to get the desired effect. They give up before they reach their goal because it’s either too hard, takes too long or it’s too much trouble.

How can anyone ever hope to get what they want in life if they keep giving up and making excuses why they couldn’t follow through? For example; did you know that on a very regular basis I have people who, after downloading my “Practical Guide to Tinnitus Free Living” package, they email me, often within a week, and say that it doesn’t work for them?

Well, I can honestly say that the reason it didn’t work for them is that these people have obviously decided on some sort of time frame that it’s supposed to work. Life doesn’t work like that. Any worthwhile result is worth a consistent amount of positive doing until the result is achieved. Giving up before you achieve it just means that you’ve learned to accept a life that is created by default.

How can anyone say that something doesn’t work if they only give it a couple of days? What I offer in my teachings is help for tinnitus sufferers but it’s also an entirely new way of living. To re-learn how to live after so many years of suffering is not an easy thing to do but, it is possible. Yet, because tinnitus sufferers are so conditioned to expect the worst they usually get it. Their fear, worry and doubt about everything keeps them where they are.

I’m speaking from experience when I say these things. I think I hold the world’s record for fear and worry. I used to worry about everything then, one day, I got tinnitus and my world changed forever. At first I blamed the world for giving me this disease but after almost 3 years of struggle I realized that I only have myself to blame.

The simple truth is, somehow I consciously or unconsciously invited, attracted and allowed tinnitus into my life. How? Through the law of attraction. By focusing entirely on fear and worry I managed to manifest the very thing I was trying to avoid.

Everything in my life at the time I contracted tinnitus was going wrong. It only stands to reason that something as devastating as tinnitus would eventually show up. However, I now regularly thank the universe for giving me tinnitus instead of cancer or some other more serious disease. Tinnitus allowed me to see life in a whole new way without the threat of losing it.

Did it take work on my part to change my life situation? Yes, of course. It took a lot of work. And, my intention with my teachings is to shorten your learning curve on how to get what you want in your life instead of what you don’t want. Yet, it still amazes me that even after compiling to the best of my ability the information that people need, they still manage to dismiss it after only a few days.

What exactly am I trying to say? That anything worthwhile in life is worth a certain amount of effort and a detachment from the amount of time you think it will take to get the result you want. Think about it this way; if everything you ever wanted was handed to you on a silver platter without any effort, just exactly what would be the point to life? What would you learn?

Tinnitus is a learning experience. It will teach you many things about yourself and about life if you’re just open to learning. Learning is the key to living. Granted, you may not want to learn the lessons that tinnitus can teach you but rest assured, these lessons are the key to manifesting a life of true happiness. These lessons will force you to focus on living instead of suffering.

As I’ve said many times before, there is no mysterious force in the universe that causes random suffering. You must choose whether to wallow in grief and despair or step up to the plate, learn something then, empower your life on a level that’s deeper than anything you’ve encountered in the past. Getting in touch with your true purpose is the only way to true happiness. Tinnitus can actually force you into learning what that purpose is. Accept it, and run with it.

Paul Tobey has authored many articles on ringing ears and is author of Tinnitus Free Living a Tinnitus Treatment which helps people reduce ringing in the ears.

Monday, April 23, 2007

This Is My Doing - By Donna L. Watkins

My belief is that we Christians struggle against ourselves more than the devil himself. We hold a high standard, which is good, but it can be produce a lot of self-condemnation.

In I Kings 12:24 God directs the King of Judah not to go against the Israelites in battle, and He says, "This is my doing."

We have to realize that every day's events are allowed by God. For whatever reason, God is allowing the circumstances of today. That will make some angry and many would disagree with me that God doesn't allow any evil, it's all the devil. But then I have to ask, "So the devil is more powerful than God?"

He had to ask permission to torment Job. I believe he still has to ask permission. So we are back to God allowing things into our lives because He loves us. That's where we have the problem. We don't see bad circumstances as being love. We've seen too many movies and commercials and have come to believe too much in the American Dream ... that we can truly have it all.

Parents know that children don't need it "all" in any avenue of life. Our Heavenly Father is all-knowing, so He does know what's best for us. We are human and finite so we do not see the whole picture and honestly do not know what is best for us.

It comes back to trusting God, doesn't it? Are we willing to do that?

God knows what you are dealing with and in His love He is there for you. When you are surrounded by people who don't seem to care, This Is His Doing. Have you prayed for compassion? How will you gain it if you don't know loneliness and sorrow?

Have you asked for humility? He knows the school you need to acquire it.

Have you asked to get out of debt? It's usually not an issue of having more money, but of learning how to live with what you earn. If what you earn truly does not cover the needs you have, then you will have a powerful motivation to pray and seek direction on where God's provision lies. Credit cards and debt does not motivate. It provides a hopeless feeling like being in a pit that you cannot climb out of.

When death separates us from somebody we love we think it is not fair, but if we have lived much time on this earth, we would certainly not wish them to give up Heaven just for us. We must grieve and move on knowing they are watching over us. We are "surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses" and that in itself should motivate us to lift our chin up and begin each day renewed with the hope that is within us.

Trust! It's the basis of any relationship and it must be the basis of our Christian walk. If we look at every circumstance as His doing, then we can ask (or cry out) to know what we are to learn from it.

If we just whine and cry and complain, we never move through the lesson ... and sadly, there are many that live that way most of their life. One tragedy that God could have used for good in their lives has turned them away. They have basically forfeited life to live in a state that God never intended.

Jesus died that we might have hope, and peace, and joy in any situation. It is there for us. Our response to our circumstances determines what we get out of bad situations. There are plenty of evidences of God's good coming out of horrible circumstances. We have that choice!

Do we see the glass half empty or half full? When we see it half empty, our lives evaporate until we are a totally empty vessel without hope, peace or joy.

I love the story of Helen Keller. It seems there was no good for her parents or Helen, but God meant it for good! Some take the opportunity -- some do not! Which group do you want to be included in?

Let God fill you up today! Trust in Him. Go back to His side. Know that ALL of it was FOR you! You do not see the whole picture! Life on this earth is but a drop in the bucket compared to eternity. We are not living just for our time on earth! Think long-term!

Donna L. Watkins lives in Central Virginia with her wonderful husband enjoying birds, wildlife, gardening, forests, nature travel and her cat, Squeek. She has one grown-up son who inspires her life in many ways. Read more of Donna's articles at and subscribe to her free mailing, A Healing Moment.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Freedom is a Gift - By Jacqueline Wales

This week is the Jewish holiday of Passover. It's a festival that's been celebrated for thousands of years and every year we read the same story of how Moses took the Israelites from oppression into freedom. It's a powerful story of how one man can change the lives of many and continue to influence people for hundreds of generations.

Whether we believe the story is true or not is irrelevant. The powerful metaphor contained within it has been a beacon for many oppressed peoples throughout the world. Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and many, many others, took the story of the Exodus and made it their own.

Many of you already know the story of Moses and how he parted the waters to lead his people across the Red Sea. Now I don't know about you, but I've been to the Red Sea, and it's pretty big. It was a long walk across with the chariots of the Pharaoh bearing down on them. But the idea that we can overcome the limitations of what other people place upon us is a powerful idea.

Enslavement was and is the darkest part of humanity. The idea that we can control the destiny of others with our will, with our beliefs and with our iron fist, is anathema to how we want to be as humans. To deny the lives of others to further our own power or control is a bitter pill no one should be forced to swallow.

But it's not only the physical act of holding someone in bondage or keeping them oppressed that stands out for me in the Passover story. It is the way we hold this metaphor for how we live our own lives.

We are all in bondage to something.

In my own life, I grew up in a family where chaos ruled. My father was a serious alcoholic who physically abused both his wife and his children for many years. Now, I could have gone one of two ways. I could have been kicked into the gutter of life and reverted to alcohol myself, or I could take the higher road and find my salvation in other things. Well, it was a bit of both in reality.

I loved drugs and alcohol from an early age. I was thirteen when I started drinking and I was fifteen when I got hooked on amphetamines. My self-esteem was lower than a gnat, but that didn't seem to stop me. As you can see, I'm here now talking about it. But the long road out of bondage to this place I stand in today, being a Fearless Fifty, took me into some very dark and scary places. It is not a road I would recommend anyone going down, but for me there was no option. It was that or perish.

Along the way, people close to me were hurt but I couldn't help myself, and as I continued to struggle with drug and alcohol dependency it would eventually push me into Alcoholics Anonymous. I am not a Bill W story, although I was in AA for five years. During that time I was also undergoing some very intensive therapy and I confronted a lot of the demons, including being a victim of sexual abuse, which I had locked away.

But getting healthy was far more important to me than holding onto my dark secrets, and gradually I began to unearth the real me beneath the garbage. I began to realize that I was a victim of alcoholic thinking. I was an obsessive compulsive who needed to know exactly where everything was in order to feel safe. I wanted order in my life, but my behavior was anything but. When I drank too much I was convinced I was an alcoholic. But as you know, a real alcoholic cannot live without a drink, and I have always been able to do that. Controlling how much I drank in one sitting and then feeling bad that I'd overdone it again, was my biggest problem.

It took me 5 years to see that my enslavement was the way I think about myself when I drink. I was not my father, or my mother, or anyone else for that matter. It was key to the whole issue. It had to change. And it did. I changed my relationship to alcohol and to behavior that occasionally is not good for me. I like a glass of wine or two and on occasion three or four, but I know how to stop nowadays and what's better, I chalk it up to having had a really good time and I'll recover the next day. I'm a Fearless Fifty now because I can face the demons and give them a name. I choose not to allow the demons to enslave me anymore. I choose to live life on my own terms.

But there are always things in our lives that we are enslaved to.

We find it in our work, our relationship to money, to debt, a style of life we can't afford, a relationship that's not working, health that isn't perfect, too much sex, not enough sex, endlessly trying to please, too much eating, drinking, obsessing about things that are out of our control, habits that are destructive.

In the Passover story we speak of the ten plagues that afflicted the Egyptians as a punishment for their oppression of the Israelites. They include the Nile being turned into blood, frogs, massive hail stones, cow disease, lice and locusts, and the death of the first born child.

What are some of the plagues that afflict us today? I can think of a few. Aids, SARS, Mad Cow disease, wars ravaging Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Sudan, Sierra Leone and many others. The distrust and conflict that separates Israel and Palestine. The economic oppression in Russia. All of these are conflicts of the soul and of the heart. All are a source of oppression.

We would like to think that we have moved on from the dark days of slavery, but that's not true. Think of the young women from Eastern Europe who are forced into slavery as sex slaves throughout the world. The children in Asia who are forced into child labor and sex. Even here in New York today there is are hundreds of sweat shops and underpaid workers. At the restaurant Saigon Grill on the Upper West Side the food is good, the prices reasonable. But they pay their workers $1.61 an hour to work there. Most are illegal immigrants with no way to retaliate. Now that's slave labor. It's a small thing, but I will not return to that restaurant.

We don't need to support oppression for our own satisfaction. By ignoring the plight of others, we ignore the basic needs of man. We ignore the message that we are intrinsically saying they don't count. We all count.

That means we are all responsible for the choices we make when interacting with others. It is said at Passover, 'if even one person is enslaved, we all are.'

Martin Luther King spent his entire life trying to free his people from the oppression of white supremacy and the suffocating laws and expectations that kept people down. The Dalai Lama works tirelessly for the Tibetan people and for mankind to be free of oppression, both physically and spiritually. Repression around the globe is endemic and we must all do our small part to stop the pain. We all have a responsibility to do something about it. Your pain is my pain because we live in the lives of others.

Passover in the Jewish tradition is our yearly reminder. We sit at our Seder table and recite the story of the Exodus. We talk about the present day and we talk about our enslavements. Too much TV, too much work, too much alcohol, too much eating, too much negative thinking. These are just some of the ways we are enslaved.

Think of something you'd like to break free from, and when you're done, write it down and make a promise to yourself that you will make an effort this year to change it. You see we all have them. I'm enslaved to my work right now. I can't let it go for a day, or if I do, I feel guilty that I should be doing something. I'm exhausted a lot of the time building my business, making the connections, getting exposure for what I'm doing. No one is cracking the whip except me. Do I need to break that habit? Probably. The world will keep turning no matter what I do.

Freedom is a choice many do not have. Whether it is self-imposed or imposed by others, freedom is a gift and a natural-born right. We all have the right to be free from bondage.

When Paul Robeson sang Let My People Go, you could feel the entire weight of that request. It was a cry for release. A cry for humanity.

Humanity. The words compassion, generosity, acceptance, tolerance and diversity come up for me when I consider that word. We are ALL entitled to our humanity. Our right to be whatever it is we want to be, however we want to be, as long as we generate respect for the rights of others to have the same privilege. We should all have the freedom to live without someone else telling us how it should be.

The holiday of Passover is a Jewish holiday, but it's a world holiday. It's a time to consider if we truly are free, and if not, we have the opportunity to change it today. We end our Seder with a statement "Next Year in Jerusalem." It is a saying that encompasses the idea that we can all live in harmony. We can all find peace in this world.

I wish you Hag Sameach. A good year.

Be the best you can be for yourself and you will be the best you can be for others.
Let us live in peace and harmony NOW.

Fearless Fifties coach and speaker Jacqueline Wales shows you how to become the woman you were always meant to be; how to take risks to strengthen your beliefs about who you are and grow more confident, secure and strong as you develop the life you want.

For your free copy of the Fearless Fifties newsletter and a bonus report Putting PASSION Back Into Your Life go to

Please contact or call (718) 502 9332

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

OpTimize Your Sub-Conscious Mind - By Joy Cassell

Self directed change is possible and our birthright if we understand the mechanism of our subconscious minds

One way to think of our subconscious minds is to use the analogy of a computer operation system (the OS.) The second step to my Life OpTimize philosophy is to actively peruse and understand our OS.

We develop beliefs about ourselves early in life and it develops as our sub concisions OS – and we are not aware typically that we are programming the mechanism that will assist us in navigating life.

Parts of this programming is useful and keep us out of physical danger, and some are practical (e.g. at 5” nothing, and female I cannot expect to play in the NFL) But in most individuals are in need of reprogramming as we limit our ability to grow and reaching a peak potential, And on a much larger scale this OS prevents us as human beings moving beyond reflex emotions such as hate, and fear.

So what is your OS? What stories does it produce?

• Bad things always happen to me.
• I will fail at business.
• This job sucks, but I can not do better.
• All men/women cheat.
• That jerk in the Lexus is better than me because his parents had money. He never had to actually work for anything.

And on and on…we go

The problem with this kind of thinking is that we activate our automatic failure mechanism (in the words of Psycho Cybernetics)

Simply put, Garbage in…Garbage out.

Took Kit

• Tony Robbins teaches a technique called the 10 Mental Diet. Make it a point to note how many defeatist thoughts we have and refuse to indulge them. I was profoundly influenced by this.
• History is filled with positive examples of successful individuals. Who marched to the beat of their own drum, Albert Einstein, Andrew Carnegie. Lean their stories.

Human beings ALWAYS act and feel and perform in accordance with what they IMAGINE to be TRUE about themselves and their environment.

Joy Cassell is a Life and Business Coach and can be found at'>">

She has built two successful businesses and can show you how to do the same.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

How to Stop the Drama that's Keeping You Stuck - By Marlene Chism

It happens without notice. You realize you’re lost in the fog. You feel unhappy and you start to search. The issue itself doesn’t matter as much as the universal feeling of being uncomfortable in your skin or feeling out of alignment. This feeling happens at midlife. It happens when you are at a cross roads or a life transition, or it happens when you are trying to build a business and you enter that black pit of confusion as you hire one guru after another to help rescue you from the drama. If any of this applies to you, here are five ways to stop the drama that’s keeping you stuck.

Distinguish “the drama” from “your drama.”

The Drama is the gap between what you actually have and what you really want. “The drama” is also the gap between who you actually are and who you really want to be. You are here, but you want to be there. You are single but you want to be married, or you wanted the promotion but got looked over again. You live in LA but you want to live in New York. You have a bachelor’s degree but you want a master’s degree and so on. The drama is nothing more than the gap that represents the distance between what you have and what you want. Once you distinguish “the drama” from “your drama” you can turn what was perceived as a failure into an opportunity for personal growth and emotional intelligence.

Ask yourself this question: “Where would I be without my drama?”

We often use our personal “dramas” to make excuses for where we are instead of looking for solutions to move forward. For example, I met a young man at the grocery store who said that he would love to be a fireman but he couldn’t afford to go to college to get the required two-year degree therefore he was stuck in a job he didn’t like and he perceived himself as a failure. The only failure he is really experiencing is getting stuck in his drama, which is his reaction to where he is versus where he wants to be. If he were to ask the question, “Where would I be without my drama?” he would find his solution and move forward. There are many solutions, which can be found by making other choices. Get a loan. Get a grant. Go part time. Save some money. Get a roommate. The only time we fail is when we give up. Once you ask this question you can recover from failure. At the very least you will spend less time and energy on the perceived failure.

Make a new commitment
Ask yourself what you are really committed to. Are you committed to your drama or are you committed to happiness? Once you get clear on your commitment you can overcome any obstacle. You do this by filling in the blank “I am committed to_________.” Then you watch every thing you say and every thing you do to see if your actions and words line up with what you say you are committed to. We reveal our commitments through our choices, whether we give voice to our commitments or not. Here’s an example: If you say you are committed to having a loving marriage, but allow your spouse to abuse you then the real truth is you are not committed to a loving relationship at all. Your actions show that you are secretly committed to making sure not to rock the boat. Or perhaps your real commitment is to making sure you don’t make your partner mad, or you are unconsciously committed to sacrificing yourself so you can stay married at all costs. However, the commitment to “stay married” is different than the commitment to build a loving relationship. The requirements are different for those two commitments. The choices you make will tell you what you are truly committed to.

Much of the time we make an unconscious commitment that involves changing other people. We can’t change other people but once we get clear on our own commitment people often change anyway. The one with the strongest commitment rules the relationship and this is the easiest way to take full responsibility for any failure to turn it around for a positive outcome. Use the “what if” techniqueIf you are still feeling stuck after working through the first three exercises, try the “what if” technique. If you can suspend judgment for just one hour you can literally change your destiny. If you believe in the “law of attraction” you must know that how you feel determines what you get. So the objective is to make yourself feel better about any failure you are experiencing. You must quit judging and instead reach for possibilities. You do this by saying “what if…” then you look for the positive aspects.

Examples include

· “What if there is a purpose in what just happened?”

· “What if this had to happen so that something really big could happen later?”

· What am I supposed to learn?

· What if I laugh about this five years from now?

· What if I find a way to share this so other people can find comfort

Once you find the possibilities you start the flow and turn your failure into a huge opportunity for growth and success.

Regain your power

When you are feeling lost or confused you have lost your power to choose. If you want to be successful simply take full responsibility for your life. The way you do this is to realize that all of life is made up of little choices. Yes, there are circumstances that happen to you, but in the end it is your choices that give you power or drain your energy. You gain power through making conscious choices and you lose power when you react out of an ingrained pattern or when you react because of some trigger that you haven’t learned how to control.

The best way to see if someone is in a victim pattern of thinking is when you ask the question, “What are your choices,” and they answer, “I don’t have any.” Responsibility is the recognition of choice. Real power comes in the ability to choose. As long as one is ruled by unconscious reaction there is no freedom to choose.

Marlene Chism works with people who want to stop the drama and take charge of their lives.
To learn more about life purpose, the Karpman Triangle or the Three Life Tragedies go to Marlene is available for speaking engagements by calling 1. 888.434.9085.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

3 Step Simple Motivational Theory For Success - By Marianne Buzzelli

There are 3 basic steps in any motivational theory for success:

1. The driving force: vision

2. Define your goal: success

3. Action steps: the plan

Step 1. The driving force: vision

Do you have self motivation? What is the force that motivates you? What is it that makes you work or play with great enthusiasm? We have all heard the post-interview speech by the great athletes who explain the key element of the winning game: focus. So what is it that enables you to be able to focus on something? If you are like most of us you can very easily focus on planning a thrilling vacation on an island beach. Right? But, how anxious are you to spend a full day or week at work trying to organize a business meeting? So, is it the subject that makes the difference as to whether we are able to maintain focus on our ultimate goal? Consider the example of that vacation at the beach. How do you feel right now? What's in your mind? Do you have very vivid images of the water and sand in your mind? Do you hear the splashing waves against the rocks? Do you hear the sound of seagulls? Do you smell the salt water? As you vividly picture the beach you are practicing the motivational skill of visualization.

Step 2: Define your goal of success

It is precisely the details of the vacation beach imagery which you experience with all of your senses that motivates you to continue to step 2 - defining the goal -the vacation. So if self motivation is identified very easily in the detailed imagery of the beach we can utilize the same intense imagery in business motivation. You must use your senses to move toward the business success goal. Continue to define your goal of success. You envision your company as the #1 producer of XYZ products. You feel the excitement of being the #1 producer of xyz products. As your senses experience this success what do you see? What are you doing? Are you the company president? Do you have an office in a high-rise building overlooking the skyline of the city? Are you seated at the head of the board of directors table? This is the process of completing and defining your vision of success. While you experience the details of this vision write down the details: what you are doing in the vision, where you are, what you are wearing, how other people look at you, etc. Be specific in your definition of success. The more details you see in your vision the better you will be able to define your goal of success. Is your goal to be financially successful? What does that mean to you? Define it in terms of income, time freedom, professional stature, etc. If your goal is to be rich and you do not define "rich" you will never know if you reached your goal.

Step3: the plan - action steps

Now that you have your vision of what success is for you begin the action toward that goal. Remember the vacation example. Just as you must complete many little tasks to plan the vacation before you experience the walk on the beach, you must identify and complete many little tasks on the path to your goal of success. Consider your goal for financial success. Start with a long term goal. Then, list your shorter term goals. For example, my 5 year goal is to make $250,000 a year. My 1 year goal is to make $100,000 a year. My 3 month goal is to make $5,000 a month. And so on. So for example, if you are a salesman how many sales would you need to make a commission of $5,000? Then plan how many sales calls you would need to make $5,000. As you meet each goal you would modify your future goals.

Follow this 3 step simple motivational strategy and your ultimate success is just one step away.

Copyright '2007 by Marianne Buzzelli. All rights reserved.

About the author: Marianne Buzzelli is a home business entrepreneur and home decorating enthusiast. To obtain information for creating your wealth and ultimate success visit us at a href="" target=_blank href=""> interesting home decorating tips visit

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Over Thinking, Under Performing - By Darren J Robinson

I've studied many top performers in various lines of employment, and have looked at several over achievers, and one of the major commonalities amongst them is the ability to not only do what they need to do, but also to take action!

Nike coined the phrase, "Just Do It," and that simple quote, although so simple on it's own, can make or break a person's success in life.

How many times have you thought to yourself, "If only I had...", or "Why didn't I...?" Many times it's either we chose the wrong option or we didn't choose one at all. Most of the time, it's because we didn't choose one at all because we over think whatever it is and we end up doing nothing. You become one of the "Frozen Chosen."

Leaders and successful people are able to act fast when needed. They don't sit back and over analyze all of the what-ifs. Doing that will let the opportunity pass you by. You can't possibly have all the answers without knowing all the questions, and the only way to know the questions is just by doing it sometimes.

In whatever you're trying to accomplish, there will always be an inherent risk. Risk is a part of life. As children, we accomplish so much because we are not afraid of risks. As adults, we've been bombarded by negativity for years that we're afraid to take risks. We over analyze everything because we want to assess ALL the risks. It's impossible to move anywhere in life without taking risks and you'll never achieve anything unless you stop over thinking.

Over Thinking = Under Performing

If something you want to accomplish has been proven by someone else, follow in their footsteps. Do what they do. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can improve on things, but you'll never get anywhere unless you...Just do it! It's so easy to think yourself out of accomplishing your goals, whether it's to start a home business, succeed in network marketing, become a super salesperson, or improve on any area of your life. If you sit back and over think your dream, you'll never accomplish it.

The only way to win a race is to get running. Don't stand at the starting line and try to figure out how to turn the corner a mile down the road. Cross the starting line! Put one foot in front of the other. Soon, the finish line will be within reach.

Darren Robinson has been involved in network marketing for a number of years. Many of those years spent in frustration and failure. Now, success is all that happens in his life and you can visit Darren's blog at for more articles to help you achieve your goals.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Imagine That - By Donna L. Watkins

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. --Matthew 5:6

I want to be filled. Don't you want to be filled? Filled with joy and peace and love and just ooze with mercy and love for others? Have you met anybody like that? There are few out there in our current world of so much bad news and stress-styled lifestyles. But deep within each of us is the capacity to imagine that. Imagine how you would feel being that kind of person.

I've always been a wild horse. Rebellious, stubborn and full of pride. It had to be my way as a child, and being raised as an only child by my grandparents, it pretty much happened that way. I think those of us who are wild horses take a lot more bumps and bruises in life to get the real message. It takes a lot for us hard-headed folks to break away from our sins since we were made tough enough to handle it all. To find our way around bad circumstances and keep on plowing through even if we do so in misery.

How many burdens and health problems can I truly handle? The weight and pain of health issues can cause somebody to turn to Christ and choose life ... or to turn away in anger because they are not getting their own way. I still struggle with those thoughts against God when I don't get what I want. When my prayers aren't answered with "yes." I find that many times God gives me a "yes" answer to my delight, only to find that I end up in the devil's wasteland getting my own way.

It's quite a lesson to learn to "humble myself in the sight of the Lord" as the song and Scripture says. Matthew 5:6 above tells me that I will be filled if I hunger and thirst after righteousness. Gee, what does that feel like? Can you imagine that? I am usually so busy being hungry and thirsty for my own way. What does this mean? I asked to be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and here I find out how to get that prayer answered. It's up to me!

Smith Wigglesworth says, "If you ever see a "shall" in the Bible, make it yours.

Health problems? Wouldn't it be just grand if God would just heal us of all our diseases!? I like that thought and I can imagine that. The Bible tells us that Christ healed all of our diseases, but how do we believe that when so few in the church have been able to take this to heart and make it happen?

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God is what Hebrews says, so what am I listening to? My own negative and faithless thoughts or am I thinking, believing and hearing the Word as I meditate on healing scripture. Oh how much easier it is to wallow in self-pity and beg God to just do it. Where is all my head-strong and stubborn determination in this arena of life?

Smith Wigglesworth says, "Jesus was true, inwardly and outwardly. He is "the way, the truth and the life" (John 14:6), and on this foundation we can build. When we know that our own hearts do not condemn us (1 John 3:21), we can say to the mountain, "Be removed" (Matthew 21:21). But when our own hearts do condemn us, there is no power in prayer, no power in preaching. We are just "sounding brass or a clanging cymbal" (I Corinthians 13:1). May the Holy Spirit show us that there must be a ministry of righteousness."

Hunger and thirst for it! Imagine that and build your faith as you change your beliefs.

Donna L. Watkins lives in Central Virginia with her wonderful husband enjoying birds, wildlife, gardening, forests, nature travel and her cat, Squeek. She has one grown-up son who inspires her life in many ways. Read more of Donna's articles at and subscribe to her free mailing, A Healing Moment.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Simplified Work - Making Your Best Contribution - By Enoch Tan

If you really want to grow your business you are going to have to answer a single question that almost no struggling entrepreneur ever asks themselves. You want to know what it is? Of course you do, so let's press on.

Now listen, don't let the simplicity of the question fool you because it'll be easy to dismiss it, but if you do, you'll never even achieve a fraction of what you are capable of. Ok, so here it is:

What Work Are You Willing To Leave Undone?

The sooner you realize that you can't read everything, nor can you cross off every item on your to do list the better. Because at that very moment you are forced to realize that you absolutely must prioritize no matter what.

You see, realizing you can't do everything helps you determine what you really must be doing, and realizing you can't read everything forces you to decide which information you must read.

Now if you are wondering how you make these difficult decisions, have no fear because the answer is simple. You have to know what you want and what you must do to get it. Once you know then you can make effective decisions about what you should be doing, who you should be talking to, and what you should be studying.

What's important is that we each make the best contribution we can. Ask yourself this: Are you currently making the best contribution you're capable of making? If the answer is clearly no, then there's no point in continuing on your current path, is there? Common sense suggests that if you know you're on the wrong path, you should stop walking. The longer you stay on the wrong path, the worse things are for all of us. Maybe it will take a few days to find the right path. Maybe it will take several years. But it's still better to be lost for several years than to be lost for a lifetime.

Why do we hold ourselves back from the best and settle for the good? Fear. We fear what it will be like to live on the edge of the best. Just imagine what it would feel like to be reading the very best book, doing the best workout, eating the best food, having the best job, enjoying the best relationship, living in the best house, driving the best car, having the best friends, living the best life.

If you're holding something that's just good while something better is easily within your grasp, then your good isn't really good at all. The good is the enemy of the best. You have to give up doing something good in order to do something better. Be willing to bypass many good things because they are just not good enough compared to what's best. You want to serve and help, but you want to serve and help in the best way you can.

You need to sacrifice the urgent for the important. Many a times, what's urgent is not really necessary to be dealt with after all. You need to go for what's best instead of what's good or even great. Do not forfeit the greater good by allowing yourself to be entangled with the lesser good.

Have you ever single-mindedly decided to pursue a goal or solve a problem and just as you were making progress on it something grabbed your attention and moved your focus away from what you were focused on? Then all of a sudden when you went back to try to focus in on it again, you felt like EVERYTHING backed up on you and you had even more problems or things to tend to or deal with first.

It is a myth that opportunity only comes along once in a life time. The truth is, it comes along every day. If you have a vision and a clearly defined goal for your business, you can now determine what opportunities compliment your goal and are congruent with your business goals or if the opportunity is really a cleverly disguised DISTRACTION.

Keep your eye on your goal and DO NOT allow outside distractions to pull your attention off of what you are aiming to achieve. The truth is, many of these distractions will come as HUGE opportunities presented with great marketing, the rest will come as your very own family and friends.

But, some opportunities must be seized. And if this one will help you do what you already want to do better, or are doing better, then you know to take advantage of this opportunity and achieve greater success or at a faster rate. Instead of chasing opportunities, pick your position. The one that works to your strengths and compliments your vision. The secret of success is to discipline your life so that you support your deepest purpose and minimize distractions and detours.

You need to be great at ONE thing and good at every thing else. Those that end up quitting, try to be "great at everything", and in the end are great at nothing and good at one thing, which is making no money at all.

It is very likely that you are the only person in your business with the capabilities and knowledge and skills to bring in new business, and making sure projects get completed. This is the only way your business prospers. When you don't do these things, they don't get done!

Focus on things that directly relate to improving the results of your immediate business. Leave other things aside if you want to see exponential growth faster. It is all a matter of balancing between closing yourself to other opportunities and opening yourself to them.

Stay focused and concentrate on your goal. In doing so, you will maintain your momentum and quickly achieve your dreams and desires. Let others waste their time on things that don't get any real work done, while you focus only on what's best and what's important.

Enoch Tan aims to help people achieve greater awareness in living and experiencing life. To evolve human consciousness to higher levels. To change lives and to create possibility. To revolutionize the way we understand the mind and reality. Because that is what governs every area of life and destiny. Learn Secrets most people will never know about the Mind and Reality! Visit Secrets of Mind and Reality now and Get Free Ebooks of Universal Secrets!

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Build Your Vision Slowly - By Ian Crossley

During my talks in New Zealand I had some thoughts that may help you, it is amazing how plane journeys focus your mind. I tend to go into hibernation mode and let the world go by. This of course is the best time to think.

I keep getting asked about CMI or goals or visions, this appears to be a major stumbling block.

Most people have a problem with formulating a really good vision, because their subconcious keeps saying,"Hold on a minute, Who do you think you are? You are only so and so from wherever and you do not have the ability or knowledge to create such a dream" We have all been there! It is at this point that everything goes in the too hard basket and we say its all a load of old toffee and I am going to go back to my real life of stress and strain where I feel safe.

I am going to go against all the teachings I know here, but I think there may be some value in this idea.

When I was forming my vision many years ago I distinctly remember going through the scenario above. I fortunately ,inspite of my doubts, pretty well got all that I visualised. Having given this some thought I now firmly believe that your initial vision should be believable to YOU. This in no way is casting any doubt on the levels that you can attain, but it takes away the doubt that keeps cropping up if you really visualise beyond your beliefs. If we just push the limits of what we want to achieve we are giving ourselves the greatest thing that we need, a destination.

Once we have that destination, you will find that everything that you now do will amazingly align to get you closer to that destination. In some instances where people have done this with a believable destination they experience changes and success almost immediately. This I think is the great thing, you have evidence of the power at work and can then reset your vision to a new level. Eventually your vision will become so believable that you MUST eventually arrive. The whole secret is that you MUST have total faith in the power giving you all you want.

At this point in time I find nothing beyond my capabilities because having experienced the power working, I just formulate my next adventure and lo and behold , it all unfolds.

In a nutshell, I suggest that if you are having trouble with setting a vision, make the start believable, and as you experience the power working for you keep upgrading your target. Eventually you will be able to visualise and accept things beyond your widest dreams.

I hope that this makes sense to you and assists you with one of the hardest parts to master.

Croz is a talker and thinker. check out his website