Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wisdom That Can Be Gained

"I have gathered the wisdom that can be gained
from personal experience.

I have accepted the healing that has come
from right attitude.

And, I have learned to be deeply grateful
for it all."

*-- Jamie Sams

"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by
another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those
who have rekindled this light."

*-- Albert Schweitzer

"The amount you laugh in your relationships with others
is the true measure of the health of your personality."

*--Brian Tracy

An Enemy Called Average - By Larry Gibson

Are you on the couch? Are your dreams and goals sitting there with you? You are in the fight of your life, and you must defeat the enemy, the enemy called average. What is average? Are you an average middle class woman? What exactly is that? Is your favorite pastime taking care of the kids or working eight to five Monday thru Friday, then plopping down on the sofa every night watching mindless sitcoms, or is watching CSI your thing? Is that average?

Let’s face it, Moms are tired. Every day you take care of kids, do laundry, buy groceries, pick up dry cleaning, clean the house, make dinner, pay the bills, and on and on and on. Or, maybe you work full-time AND do all of the above. But, you love being a Mom. You enjoy every minute you spend with your kids but it is also important to take time out for yourself. You are overworked and underappreciated, but you are not average.

What are your dreams? What is important to you? Would achieving your dreams affect your life, your children’s lives, and your grandchildren?

Every great achievement begins with a dream, or vision of something exciting or different, a feeling deep inside that inspires and motivates you to aim higher that you ever have before. What is your vision for your life?

Allow yourself to have big dreams, huge dreams, and gigantic dreams. What others have done before you can do as well. What others have never even thought about, you can do! You may be comfortable. You may plan on retiring in 10, 20, or 30 years, putting a little into a 401k, or IRA and with social security, you plan on being comfortable. Don’t be comfortable. Do something great with your life.

Being a modern, 21st century mom is about attitude that is muted only slightly by 2 a.m. feedings. A Hot Mama is a woman who radiates confidence and a woman who loves herself and her family but isn’t consumed by the madness of motherhood. She knows how to balance her needs as well as the needs of her family. A Hot Mama has big dreams and goals. A Hot Mama does not settle for average.

Ask yourself these 5 questions, the answers will change your life:

1. If you continue what you’re doing now, will you have the kind of life you dream about?

2. What kind of life do you dream about?

3. If the way you are living today is OK, if you are comfortable, can you accept that is all you will ever have?

4. Do you want something so badly that not having it us unacceptable to you?

5. If something comes into your life that will enable you to get what you are looking for, are your ready to go right now?

You can make a difference. You can do something great with your life. You have the power in you, the power of ONE.

Andrew Jackson said, “One man with courage is a majority.” One man or woman can stand up and make a difference.

George Washington, at a critical point during the Revolutionary War, gathered his men; they were freezing, hungry, they were losing the war. They were not even Americans yet. They were Hampshire men, Virginians, Marylanders. What were they fighting for? Washington looked at his troops and said, “Let only Americans stand watch this night.” He gave breath to our Declaration of Independence. The power of One man.

Think back to 1996. Are you where you wanted to be back then? A decade passes quickly. More importantly, you should ask yourself how you are going to live the next ten years of your life. What actions can you take today in order to create a tomorrow that matches your dreams? The year 2016 will surely arrive; the only important question is where you will be.

You don’t have time. If you are eighteen do not wait until you are twenty-eight. If you are 60 do not wait until you are seventy, do not wait. There is not enough time to wait to do something great with your life.

Tonight, when you are home, sit down with the one’s you love, look them in the eye, tell them you love them, tell them what keeps you up at night, tell them what moves you, tell them what you dream about, then the next day go out and do something great with your life.

Make today the first day of the rest of your life. Get up off the couch, and leave your old friends, dreams and goals. Make new friends like Achievement and Glory, Go for It! If you can dream it, you can do it. You can be anything you want. Do not be comfortable. Be great. Make a difference. There is power in the number One. There is power in You! Do not be average, defeat the enemy. Do something Great with your life.

Aude Aliquid Dignum
“Dare Something Worthy”

Copyright 2006 L.L. Gibson Marketing Communications.

Article written for

L.L. Gibson is the Director of Marketing and Communications, motivational speaker and author for He is an expert on motivating work at home moms in their various business endeavors. This web site has a wealth of informative articles for the work at home mom.

Success and Failure

"Success and failure. We think of them as opposites, but they're
really not. They are companions -- the hero and the sidekick."

*-- Laurence Shames

"Friends are treasures."

*--Horace Burns

"The search for someone to blame
is always successful."

*--Robert Half

Exercising Your Risk Taking Muscles - By Stephen Hopson

Even experienced risk-takers get "butterflies" every time they take on new challenges.

A great way to exercise your faith muscles is by doing things slightly different every day like taking an unfamiliar route home after work, asking your boss for a raise or if you're self employed, raising your fees. If you tend to be quiet in group meetings, gather the courage and speak up. Say something even if it’s just a follow up question.

When I’m with a group of people, I tend to get lost easily because the dynamics of a group conversation tend to be different than one-on-one talks. In a group situation, everyone is usually talking at once - it becomes impossible for me to keep up with them. There was a time in my life when I would tune them out whenever the conversation became impossible to follow. My line of thinking was something like, "Oh well, they aren't saying anything important anyway." I would just laugh and smile, pretending I knew what was happening.

Nowadays I'm a lot more proactive and I'll either turn to the person next to me and strike up a conversation or I'll pipe up and address the group as a whole with follow up question. For example, if everyone was laughing at a joke, I'll risk my neck by saying, "What was that joke again?" By doing that, I don't feel so left out. It also serves to get me back in sync with everyone else.

If on the other hand, if you are by nature an outspoken person with strong opinions, why not try listening more? Be still. Resist the temptation to make yourself sound important. Watch what other people have to say. You might be surprised to learn something new.

What about asking the waitress to take back your lukewarm coffee and replacing it? Some people would rather not rock the boat and risk other people’s criticism by appearing to be a "pain." Who cares? You want a hot cup of coffee? Well, then ask for it! It's certainly within your rights!

Just the other day, I was out having lunch with some friends from church and I was served a dish with stale bread. I don’t know about you but I like my bread nice and soft so I asked the waitress to replace it. In the past, I might not have bothered because I didn’t want everyone at the table to disapprove of me. Crazy, huh? Indeed! Who cares what they think?!?

As I mentioned before, I miss out a lot on what’s being said in group conversations (in case you forgot, I'm deaf). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to force myself to ask people to repeat themselves, putting myself at the risk of having others smirk, roll up their eyes or even sigh heavily (you can always tell when they do that because they heave their shoulders rather dramatically and appear to be taking incredibly deep breaths and blowing it all out). Who cares what they think?!?!?

All of these things are ways of building risk-taking muscles. No one wants to be rejected but so what if the other person gave you a dirty look or roll up their eyes? What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? Okay, your ego might get bruised or you might feel embarrassed but you’ll get over that, won’t you? Who cares what people think?

There's a book whose title I think is very appropriate here: "What Other People Think of You is None of Your Business." Pretty cool huh?

Consider the payoff that comes in the form of excitement and confidence because you risked your neck to do something you were afraid to do in the first place. People are more afraid to live their lives to the fullest than they are of dying!

Shaving my head in high school (for the swim championships) meant I would be bald the rest of the year and possibly ridiculed (I wasn’t – in fact, I gained more respect even though I didn't make the finals!). Going off to college meant I would live on my own for the first time (loved my newfound independence). Moving to New York City to work on Wall Street meant I had to change my living situation from suburban to city life (got used to it). Telling the VP at Merrill Lynch during an interview, "if you don't hire me, you will never know what I can do for this firm" opened the doors to incredible abundance. Quitting Wall Street to become a motivational speaker, author and pilot has led me to my wildest dreams. The list goes on.

Because I took risks little at a time and built them over a period of years, I've discovered that I was more than capable of surviving when I stepped out of my comfort zone. I've never had to worry about a roof over my head or putting food on the table.

If you decide to honor your life’s purpose or at least engage in a meaningful search for it, you will have to step outside your comfort zone.

Food for thought: Regardless of the decisions you're facing, remember risk- taking, unlike hope, is an action word. To develop it, you must exercise it regularly.

Profoundly deaf since birth, Stephen Hopson is a former award-winning stockbroker turned motivational speaker, author and pilot. He works with organizations that are ready to explore and overcome adversity because no one is immune from it - adversity does not discriminate. His professional speaking services, Obstacle Illusions, include fun and passionate presentations, especially the story of how his fifth grade teacher forever changed his young life with THAT'S RIGHT STEPHEN!

You can view his website at

Stephen also maintains a blog called "Adversity University" at

If you are curious as to how well Stephen speaks, listen to this audio post:

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Make Others Feel Important

"The fastest way to improve your relationships is to make others feel important in every way possible."

*--Brian Tracy

"You may search my time-worn face,
You'll find a merry eye that twinkles.
I am NOT an old lady
Just a little girl with wrinkles!"

*--Edythe E. Bregnard

"When it comes to environments in which people live, work, and learn
try thinking of creating not a ‘culture’ but a ‘biosphere.’ By
definition, the biosphere is the part of the earth’s crust that supports life. The
concept of a ‘biosphere’ has to do with subscribing to an ethic that goes
beyond ‘culture.’ It promotes individuality, creativity, imagination,
inspiration, respect, understanding, awareness, and above all – peace."

*-- Gail Pursell Elliott, "The Dignity and Respect Lady"

Bust Out of Your Box - By Claudette Rowley

"Turning points announce themselves through a variety of vague symptoms: deep restlessness, a yearning with no name, inexplicable boredom, the feeling of being stuck." - Gloria Karpinski

Do you

- feel restless, agitated and/or bored?

- notice you have developed a serious case of the "blahs"?

- experience tremendous resistance to doing what you need to do?

- have thoughts such as "What’s the point?"

If you answered YES to two or more of these questions, your box may be too small. It’s time to bust out! (For all of you who are thinking "What is she talking about?" – here’s the explanation.)

Your box is a metaphor for the beliefs, rules and circumstances (aka BRCs) in your life that no longer work for you. You carry BRCs around despite that fact that they no longer serve your growth and development, and that it’s in your best interest to discard them. For instance, my client Joanie was afraid to join a gym (even though she desperately wanted to) because she was concerned that she’d only use it for a month or so. If that happened, she’d feel like a failure and foolish in front of her friends and family. After reflecting, she recognized that she was hauling around an outmoded belief that it actually mattered how others perceived her decisions about whether or not she worked out.

Over time, these BRC’s accumulate around us, brick by brick, walling us off from the awareness of what we want as well as the ability to act on what we want. I usually know that I’m in my box when I can’t remember the last time that I had fun, or when someone asks what I do for fun, and my response is "Huh?" or something along those lines. As an entrepreneur and a mother, I’m busy and I work hard. It’s easy to get trapped in my box of BRCs – to move from one responsibility to next without considering what’s best for me. And sometimes having fun is best gift I could give myself.

Ways to bust out of your box:

- Ask yourself, "What have I outgrown?"

- Eliminate the thought that you need to feel better before taking action. For example, it’s a common belief that feeling fear indicates that you shouldn’t take action. Actually, the reverse is true. Most of the time, the only way to decrease fear is to do what you need to do.

- Shift your perspective. Do one thing differently. This could be as simple as wearing purple socks if you usually wear black. It could be thinking, "Today, the glass is half full."

- Consider what you might be avoiding in your life and ask yourself, "Why?" Make sure you answer that one honestly.

Identifying the need to "bust out of your box" is a wake up call, a warning that either your comfort zone has gotten too narrow or that you need to listen to yourself. The next time you feel restless or bored, develop a case of the "blahs" or feel resistance, capitalize on this opportunity to take a closer look at your beliefs, rules and circumstances. It might be time to shake ‘em up.

Claudette Rowley is a professional coach, speaker and author who helps savvy professionals like you identify their true purpose and calling and mobilize the courage to pursue it. Sign up for her free monthly ezine "Insights for the Savvy" at or contact her directly at

Monday, August 28, 2006

Like What You Do

"Like what you do, if you don't like it,
do something else."

*--Paul Harvey

"I think that my biggest attribute to any success
that I have had is hard work. There really is no
substitute for working hard."

*-- Maria Bartiromo

"I've never seen a monument erected to a pessimist."

*--Paul Harvey

Become the Person you Dream to Be - By Joseph C Lee

Are you the person of your dreams? Who do you want to be? What do you want out of life? Do some soul searching and really be honest with yourself. The first step to growing as a person is getting to know yourself. You need to be sure of who you before you can decide who you will become. If you are looking for personal development, this quick read can help.

Once you take a close look at what you want, who you are, and what you can improve upon, you need motivation. The most effective way to get motivated is to be inspired by yourself. Being human, other people may not always supply the motivation you need to succeed, so it's up to you to set your goals and reach for them with determination. There are many inspirational quotes and motivational messages out there if you need a jump start in this department. There are books, tapes or CDs, and websites. If you are blessed, you have close loved ones who will encourage and support you in whatever you choose.

After you have examined yourself, set your goals, and are ready to take action, you need a plan. List each goal and take the time to write out steps towards those goals. What are the obstacles? How can you get around them? Don't restrain yourself with set time frames right now. Be flexible, but really think of the energy, money and time you will need to make your dream a reality. Plan on making small changes, maintaining those changes, and then continuing to make other small changes. Self improvement is a gradual process.

Once you have got a plan all together you can start making some of those changes. Celebrate when you handle things the way you planned. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't follow your plan to the letter, or mess up. It's okay. The important thing is that you keep trying to be better and moving forward, towards your dreams.

Keep your vision of who you want to become ahead of you. Make sure that you stay focused on progress. Don't get caught up in things that will consume your time and energy if they will not help you move towards your goals. Be wise with your time and remember again to stay flexible. If your plan is working, put it back under construction until you make it right. You have to keep trying things out; and be open minded. There is a variety of ways to approach things, so find them out and test them, to choose the right path for you.

My last bit of advice is to be yourself. Don't try to be someone else. Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are and work with them. Find out what your special gift is, and find a way to use it all the time. The more you get better at doing things that you enjoy, the happier a person you will be. You are unique, and you should enjoy who you are, and reach for the stars.

Joseph C Lee is a motivational speaker. Since little, he had always been fascinating about human mind and human potential. After gaining his PhD in engineering, he embarked on a journey to discover what makes successful people successful. He co-runs a website on Personal Development. Visit his website today at
to find out how can you achieve your ultimate dreams and discover your inner potential.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lost By Not Succeeding

"There is no comparison between that which is lost by not succeeding
and that which is lost by not trying."

*-- Francis Bacon {1561-1626 English Philosopher}

"I expect to pass through this life but once. If,
therefore there can be any kindness I can show or
any good thing I can do for any fellow being let me
do it I shall not pass this way again."

*-- Stephen Grellet

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that
you can afford to be stupid with them."

*-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Healthy Self-Esteem in Thirty Days - By Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

Healthy Self-Esteem is your best weapon on the journey of life. Self-Esteem is the cornerstone of your emotional well-being and success in life. Self-Esteem stems from the knowledge that you are a valuable person. It is the understanding that there is no one who is exactly like you. No one talks like you; No one walks like you; No one has the exact color eyes or hair as you. Even identical twins have subtle differences in personality and characteristics.

Healthy Self-Esteem is realizing that no other person has your personality or your abilities, and it is being comfortable with your uniqueness that sets you apart. Healthy Self-Esteem is that calm sense of self-respect and integrity that deep down in your soul you possess self-worth and confidence in your ability and uniqueness.

Healthy Self-Esteem fosters your inner strength to walk your own path. You avoid succumbing to peer pressure. You have the confidence to say, “NO” to requests or ideas which are demeaning to your integrity or will sabotage your goals.

Healthy Self-Esteem allows you to become a leader, instead of a follower. You know what is best for you. With Healthy Self-Esteem you are able to make decisions, regardless of what others say or do. These are traits that we all want for ourselves and our children.

You can build Healthy Self-Esteem one minute at a time. Every waking minute:

• See yourself as having value.

• See yourself as having the key to what is needed in this world.

• Treat yourself with the highest respect. No one will treat you with more respect than you treat yourself.

• Employ self-discipline to follow through with any endeavor.

• Give yourself positive support by praising yourself for doing a good job, for doing what you do, and for doing things the best you can. “You can do it.” “You are good at everything you do.” “You did a good job.”

• Focus on the positive—avoid focusing on the negative.

• Focus on the glass is half full—avoid focusing on the glass is half empty.

• Give yourself praise and pats on the back for your achievements—no matter how small.

• Focus on the process of goal achievement, avoid bemoaning everything you need to do—your goals come to fruition more quickly.

• Be persistent in everything you do—persistence is the only path to goal achievement.

• Praise others for their accomplishments—when you compliment others you build your own self-esteem, because it’s impossible to sincerely praise others without feeling better about yourself.

• Give as much as you want to receive—What goes around; Comes around.

• Take pride in, who you are.

• Take pride in, what you do.

“Life is not easy for any of us. But, what of that? We must have perseverance and above all, self-esteem in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.” – Marie Curie

In Thirty days you will notice subtle, but powerful differences in the out-come of your endeavors and you will notice you are feeling empowered, confident and focused on goals and achievements.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, author, speaker and inspirational leader specializes in: Mind, Body, Spirit healing and Physical/Sexual Abuse Prevention and Recovery. Dr. Neddermeyer empowers people to view life's challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Human Beings Can Alter Their Lives

'The greatest discovery of my generation is that
human beings can alter their lives by altering
their attitudesof mind.'

*-- William James

"Faith is a passionate intuition."

*-- William Wordsworth

"The more I give myself permission to live in the moment and enjoy it
without feeling guilty . . . the better I feel about the quality of
my work."

*-- Wayne Dyer

The Care and Feeding of Your Environment - By Cara Lumen

Energy is amazing. It can feed and nourish you or it can crowd and depress you. The energy you allow in your home environment is crucial to your well-being, productivity, and happiness.

I have an extra bedroom and bath in my home and have rented it out for years—because I don’t need the space and it bring in extra income. But basically, I’d rather live alone.

It’s tricky to choose someone to share your home on the basis of one interview. I have to rely heavily on my intuition. This last time I choose wrong. The energy of the occupant turned out to be one of defeat, of not trying, of withdrawal, judgment, and of not taking self-responsibility.

And of course, it affected my entire environment.

The person didn’t stay long and actually, he chose to leave, which brings me to another point. When you hold steady to your vibration, or raise it through new awareness, often some of the people currently in your life organically drop away because they are not comfortable with the level of your vibration. That seemed to have happened in this case.

When he left I invested time in cleaning and clearing the room. I washed the walls, I gave it reiki attunements, I brought in green plants to clear the room and added some crystals. I held a blessing for the space to help it heal.

Within days, I felt the result in my own life. My days are now filled with a creative flow that is incredibly productive, satisfying, and rewarding at a level that I have experienced for a long time. I looked at my journal and it has been amazingly smooth for nearly three weeks. I’m sleeping less as if I no longer am being dragged down. I’m happier. And I’m joyously productive.

Who we allow in our personal space can affect every aspect of our life.

Who are you hanging out with?

What new boundaries do you need to set in order to honor yourself?

What changes do you need to make to bring serenity into your space and your life experience?

It may be a change in people. It may be a change in things. It may be a change in attitude. It may be a change in expectations.

When I had to move everything out of my home to lay new carpet a few months ago, I didn’t put everything back in and I rethought where I placed things. My office alone improved 1000%.

Do you need to clean more to let your environment nourish you (or hire it done)?

Is your environment as neat as you’d like it to be?

Do you like everything you have in it or do you need to toss or replace some items?

Does your yard upkeep reflect the energy you want around you?

What new friends can you encourage?

What non-nourishing friends can you discourage?

After I started focusing on how much I wanted my home environment to take care of me, I got a surprise. A charming Frenchman who is a computer consultant, offered to rent the space for his home office! I get the income and I get to basically live alone.

You can have it all when you ask for it!

What do you want?

Cara Lumen is a metaphysical philosopher, author and coach dedicated to helping you translate your Soul's Calling into a life of empowerment and choice. Through the Winds of Change Collection, she helps seekers deepen their spiritual experience and in High Intention Coaching, she provides innovative and profitable internet marketing strategies to entrepreneurs. To learn more about these compelling offerings, to browse in her library of insightful articles and to sign up for her three FREE e-magazines visit and join her on her blog at

Friday, August 25, 2006

Worry Never Robs Tomorrow

"Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, but only saps today of its

*-- A. J. Cronin

"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness."

*-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"There's no such thing as Perfection. But, in striving for
perfection, we can achieve excellence"

*-- Vince Lombardi {1913-1970 American Football Coach}

The Power of Intention - By Stephen Hopson

One of my greatest passions is writing not only personal stories but also about my spiritual experiences. I've experienced the power of intention, taken risks, had faith in the outcome and perceived people, places and circumstances in a different light.

Whether or not we realize it, many of these topics are closely aligned with how we grow as spiritual beings having a human experience. When we learn how to harness universal principles, we are better able to deal with adversity that comes our way. We are in effect reprogramming our minds to think outside the box and creating the life we envision for ourselves. Some examples include my achievements in aviation, Wall Street as well as in professional speaking.

Today I wish to share with you an email I got from someone who I've been corresponding with over the last few years but have not yet met. Her name is Kathyrn Troutman, who specializes in creating powerful resumes for federal government employees and applicants. She is known as the "Federal Career Coach." Here's a synopsis of what she wrote to me:

"That's how I started. One workshop at the Justice Department on Federal Resume Writing - we THOUGHT 30 people would come to the Great Hall of Justice for a noon-hour "brown bag lunch". 650 people came! That was the day my government training career began."

The reason this happened so easily and effortlessly for her is because she didn't have any attachment to the outcome. Kathryn simply submitted a proposal, it was eventually accepted and then she went with the intention of providing for the highest good of all and look at the turn out! It was that simple!

I used to be one of those people who would put a "disclaimer" on my dreams saying things like "Well, I hope it will happen." When someone makes a firm decision, it's amazing how the universe just lines things up for you because making a decision as opposed to be "muddy" with your line of thinking clears the way for things to come your way. I'm starting to do this with my financial affairs and for the first time in my life, I actually feel like I am well on my way to becoming truly financially independent - it's no joke.

Consider this. I was browsing through a great "Personal Development for Smart People" blog the other day when I stumbled onto some writings by Steve Pavlina about the power of intention. Something just clicked in me and I feel like a changed person. It's strange, I can't explain it but I really felt an internal shift take place. All I know is when I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I was looking at myself in the mirror and suddenly saw the image of a millionaire. That has never happened before. It's quite amazing, really.

Food for thought: Think about the last time you made a firm declaration or decision and how ideas or opportunities flowed to you after that. Have you ever experienced this? That is the power of intention at work in your life!

Profoundly deaf since birth, Stephen Hopson is a former award-winning stockbroker turned motivational speaker, author and pilot. He works with organizations that are ready to explore and overcome adversity because no one is immune from it - adversity does not discriminate. His professional speaking services, Obstacle Illusions, include fun and passionate presentations, especially the story of how his fifth grade teacher forever changed his young life with THAT'S RIGHT STEPHEN! You can view his website at Stephen also maintains a blog called "Adversity University" at

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Great Things

"Great things are done more through courage than through

*-- German proverb

"Every human being is intended to have a character of his
own; to be what no others are, and to do what no other can

*-- William Ellery Channing

"The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their
power to harm us."

*-- Voltaire

Keep An Open Mind To Learn And Improve Yourself - By Arun Pal Singh

I read an old Zen story which I wanted to share with you.It is apparently very small and simple story but carries quite powerful message.

A young man wanted to learn the practice of Zen. He had read all the books he could find about Zen. Then he heard about a great Zen master who was considered very knowledged and wise. The young man requested and appointment with him to ask for teachings.

When they were seated, the young man proceeded to tell the master everything he had understood from his reading, saying that Zen is about this and Zen is about that, on and on...
The master listened paiently to every thing the young man talked about.After some time, when the young man had finished his part of telling, the master suggested that they have tea.

The Zen master performed the traditional tea ceremony while the student sat at attention, bowing when served, saying nothing. The master began to pour tea into the student's cup. He poured until it was full, and kept pouring. The young man was watching with intent.

The tea ran over the edge of the cup and onto the table. The master kept pouring.

The young became restless.

The tea ran over the edge of the cup, on to the table and onto the floor. But the master kept pouring.

It was too much for the young man.Finally, the student could not contain himself any longer. He shouted, "Stop! Stop pouring!"

The master stopped pouring and looked at young man but said nothing.

"The cup is full- no more will go in!" The young man said bowing.

"What shall be do to let more tea in?" the master asked.

"we need to empty the cup." The young man answered quickly.

The master kept the vessel aside. He motioned the young man to be seated and offered him the tea.

As they drank tea the master said, "Just like this cup, your mind is full of your own opinions and preconceptions. How can you learn anything unless you first empty your cup?"

We all would like to improve our lives. We all look for opprtunities to perform better. To look for the keys that carry the answers for our queries.

But like the young man we are all full of our own beliefs and insecurities. We are so sure of them that we do not want them to go. This makes us uncomfortable.

We all reject many chances that are presented in front of us just because we are stubborn and close to something that is worth a trial. We are not open to new idea or discovery that infact might have been the greatest luck thrown upon us.

It has been happening since ages. We are guilty of rejecting the discovery that earth revolves around the sun and not otherwise as we believed at that time.

We had made mockery of the idea that assisted flying is possible for the humans.

Still the generous nature keeps presenting the chances. those who learn from the past mistakes grab the chance. Others walk with closed eyes.

Recently I got an email saying that He knew everything about charisma, attraction and interaction. And he does not think that "Power of Charisma" ebook cannot be of much help.

Well! It might be true for that individual. I also have plenty of emails which have a thank you note.

But that is besides the point.

It is important to have an open mind and analyze the thing before shutting the door. Yes! people do get duped by worthless things. But a cautious appproach would solve that problem.

Remember! The life is a series of lesssons. If you do not learn a lesson well you will need to learn that again.

ArunPal Singh is a doctor, writer and internet marketer. He runs the website where he offers "Free Charisma Course" that has already helped many to become attractive, successful and influential. You also can buy the famous Ebook "Power Of Charisma" by going to

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

True Friends

"In poverty and other misfortunes of life,
true friends are a sure refuge."

*-- Aristotle

"All animals except man know that the principal
business of life is to enjoy it."

*-- Samuel Butler

"Happiness is like a cat. If you try to coax it
or call it, it will avoid you. It will never come.
But if you pay no attention to it and go
about your business, you'll find it rubbing up
against your legs and jumping into your lap."

*-- William Bennett

The Game of Life - By Pat Morgan

The Olympic Games always remind us of the incredible ability we possess to set a goal and pursue it. As much as I enjoy watching the games, I especially enjoy the segments featuring personal stories about the athletes. Listening to their amazing stories of dedication, focus, passion, investment and commitment to their dream of participating in the Olympics is truly an inspiration.

Most of them were not born super athletes, but have developed themselves to play their best game. Most are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. They have the courage to risk the unknown, even the agony of defeat, in pursuit of their dream of victory. They were willing to develop and improve in order to play their best game.

No matter how good your game, there is always room for improvement. Olympic records continue to be shattered and new levels of achievement are reached. What is your dream? What do want to accomplish in your lifetime? What is the first step you will take toward playing your best game ever?

Three Key Strategies for Playing to Win…

1. IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS. Knowing your strengths and how to capitalize on them can make the difference between success and failure. We often focus on our weaknesses, working hard to make improvements. Try focusing more attention on your strengths instead and look for ways to employ your strong suit to move you forward. Ask yourself: What are my strengths?

2. CLARIFY YOUR GOALS. Get clear on what game you are playing and what you want to accomplish. Understand why the goal is important to you and which of your personal values it is aligned with. Know what is required to reach your goal. The more clarity you can get around the goal, the easier it will be to get started moving toward it. Ask yourself: What do I most want to achieve? Why is it important to me?

3. WORK WITH A COACH. Give yourself the benefit of having a success partner to help you achieve your goal. Free yourself up to play your best game by enlisting the help of a coach who can guide, support and challenge you to give your best performance everyday. Ask yourself: Who will I ask to coach me?

“To play is in the mind. To win is in the heart." ~ Jennifer McCombs

"Winning isn't always finishing first. Sometimes winning is just finishing." ~ Manuel Diotte

Pat Morgan, MBA and Executive Coach, helps clients maximize their potential in today’s fast-paced environment. Her unique coaching programs inspire clients to achieve goals they may never have thought possible. Her focus draws from the inside out – helping clients become the best version of themselves they can be.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Not Enough To Have Great Qualities

"It is not enough to have great qualities, we should also have the
management of them."

*-- Francois de La Rochefoucald

"One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all
of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical
rose garden over the horizon-instead of enjoying the roses blooming
outside our windows today."

*-- Dale Carnegie (1888-1955)

"End your day by privately looking directly into your eyes in the
mirror and saying, 'I love you!' Do this for thirty days and watch
how you transform."

*-- Mark Victor Hansen

Birthdays - Time for a New Challenge? - By Pam Stokes

A friend of mine had her birthday the other day and was very reticent about broadcasting it. In fact, I didn’t even know it was her birthday until we were drinking tea three hours after meeting up!

Isn’t it funny how in your twenties and even thirties you relish your birthday, making sure everyone knows it’s coming up so they don’t forget, and you don’t mind telling people how old you are? You’re also fond of saying that when YOU get over forty you’ll still be very upfront about your age. Hmm!

I’m probably what’s known as “middle-aged” although of course I will deny it hotly as I don’t feel THAT old, and will side step any question about my age unless cornered. However, one thing we are sure of, birthdays come round with alarming regularity and love them or hate them they are going to happen.

I’ve always made a point of celebrating my birthday and looking upon it as a time for improvement. It used to be a good time to give up smoking (managed that about 16 years ago) or improve my appearance in some way. Since becoming a Coach, I use my “wheel of life” to see what can be improved in each area of my life, and have done things like decluttering my wardrobe and visiting a colour and style consultant, to giving more time and attention to my relationships.

At the moment, my focus is on redeveloping my Coaching business and working smarter, but with my birthday coming up in another couple of months I’ll be looking forward to forming a new plan of action to keep me enthusiastic and motivated.

What does getting older mean to you? Is it a time of regret for youth gone by, or are you still brimming with energy, looking forward to the new challenges that another year will bring?

Regret is such an energy drain so why not try setting yourself a new challenge instead?

Pam Stokes is a Business & Personal Development Coach. Besides coaching, she provides interactive online programmes for busy people, supervises newly qualified and trainee coaches, runs workshops in stress management and a Diploma Course in NLP. Free downloads are available at

Monday, August 21, 2006

Difficulty In Every Opportunity

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist
sees the opportunity in every difficulty. "

*-- Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

"Think you can’t change the world? Too late, you already have. It was
changed for the better the minute you were born. There are more
people than you can imagine who will never be the same because they came in
contact with you, if only for a fleeting moment."

*-- Gail Pursell Elliott, "The Dignity and Respect Lady"

"Did is a word of achievement,
Won't is a word of retreat,
Might is a word of bereavement,
Can't is a word of defeat,
Ought is a word of duty,
Try is a word of each hour,
Will is a word of beauty,
Can is a word of power."

*-- Unknown Author

What Are We Afraid Of? - By Lois Galloway

The Webster Dictionary definition of fear is: To be afraid, avoid, falter, lose courage, be frightened, be scared, live in terror, break out in a sweat.

The question is “What are we afraid of?”

We can all put a name to many situations that allow us to be in a state of fear. Some examples might be the fear of rejection, of abandonment, fear of ending a relationship, losing someone you love, getting older, becoming ill, of being let go from a job or not having enough money.

Think about some of the fears you have in all areas of your life and write them down. Really take some time to consider this.

I believe that all of the fears that you wrote down are what is referred to as ‘surface fears’. They apply to situations that are related to relationships, health, loss, career/job, acceptance and of course money. In essence, these surface fears only scratch the surface.

If you were able to take a deeper look, you would discover the REAL fear that is at the root of all your other fears. And what is that REAL fear?

It’s the fear that you won’t be able to handle the things that life brings to you.

As Susan Jeffers (Feel The Fear and Beyond) wrote:

“If you knew that you could handle anything that comes your way, what would you possibly have to fear? Nothing!”

Susan also talks about the Lower Self and the Higher Self. When we access our lower self, we are in a place that is filled with negative qualities such as judgment, anger, a sense of scarcity and of course – fear.

So why would any of us want to hang out in this place called the Lower Self? Quite simply put – it’s a habit we have developed over the years. It has become involuntary as a result of constant repetition.

Our job then is to move to the Higher Self where we hold fear in a position of power, taking action and love.

So, how do we do this? How do we break this old habit of hanging out in the Lower Self?

We do it through constant repetition of the ‘new’ desired behavior. That’s right, we will have to continually move ourselves away from the Lower Self thinking and into the Highest part of who we are.

As you process this information, you will find that fear itself is NOT the problem. If it were, not one of us would be moving forward in their lives.

No, fear is definitely not the problem. It’s how we hold that fear.

If you are filled with messages of scarcity, jealousy, anger, fear or any other form of negative thought, you can be assured that you are residing in the land of the Lower Self.

If however you are experiencing creativity, courage, abundance, joy and any other form of power and love, you are now in the land of the Higher Self.

How important it is to transport ourselves to the realm of the Higher Self. It’s very satisfying and powerful to take some positive action instead of feeling like we have no choices. We are always at choice, in every moment of our lives. And by doing everything we can to move from the Lower Self where we are feeling afraid and missing out on so much of the beauty and excitement that life has to offer, we start taking steps that will bring us to a wonderful place of trust, fulfillment and love.

Remind yourself that awareness itself will greatly reduce the impact of fear. That constant repetition of new desirable thoughts and behaviors is the key to changing your undesirable thoughts and behaviors.

Lois Galloway is a Personal Development Coach and Relationship Coach for Singles. She works with people who fear change in their lives, those who are stranded in their personal comfort zone and unable to move forward. If you would like to learn more about Discover Yourself Coaching please visit Lois at her web site. While you are visiting the web site, don't forget to sign up for her monthly newsletter, Dare To Care.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Techniques Don't Produce Quality

"Techniques don't produce quality products or pick up
the garbage on time; people do, people who care, people
who are treated as creatively contributing adults."

*-- Tom Peters

"We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does
not liberate, it oppresses."

*-- Carl Jung

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole
staircase, just take the first step."

*-- Martin Luther King Jr.

Time to Wake Up, Notice the Awakening - By Jeanie Marshall

Every morning you wake up. Unless, of course, you have not slept all night or have a non-ordinary schedule.

Some days you may wake up grumpy. You may even stay grumpy all day. Sometimes, perhaps, you even enjoy your grumpiness or find familiarity in it. It is much better to be grumpy with intention and style than to be grumpy unconsciously. Notice, just notice. If you notice your grumpiness now, you will notice the awakening more easily when it comes.

Some days you may wake up and want to get back under the covers. On those days, even if you choose to leave the bed, you may act all day as if you are still under the covers. Everything is muted or distant. As you try to notice inside and outside yourself, you may find that you are not sure what you are unsure about. Just notice what you can.

Some days you may wake up and want to roll over and return to sleep or touch the snooze alarm until noon. If you do get up on days like this, you may feel that you are rubbing sleep from your eyes until it is again bed time. Everything is foggy. It is hard to notice anything clearly. Notice the noticing.

And then there are those days you wake up as if you are as powerful as the sun, bright and shiny. You feel a bounce in your walk, a laugh in the ready-to-go state, and a kind word for everyone. It is easy to notice that the world is filled with magnificence. On these days, when you find your attention lands momentarily on something you do not want, you find it easy to shift your attention to something you appreciate. Notice the magnificence.

This is an age of awakening. It is a time of steady and strong expansion of consciousness. It is a time to wake up to who you truly are, and to awaken with vibrant energy to aliveness. This is not the best time to roll over and go back to sleep, although you have the freedom to do just that.

As you awaken to the power within yourself, you lift in consciousness. Each day that you touch the inner parts of your self, you can view and embody a greater level of consciousness. You are empowered when you embody greater consciousness. You are empowered when you wake up consciously, with intention, with appreciation for life. You are empowered when you recognize your magnificence.

How did you wake up today? How will you wake up tomorrow? How do you want to wake up each day? What do you want to notice as you move through your life more awakened?

Copyright © 2006 Marshall House Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant and Coach with Marshall House, produces Guided Meditations on CD albums and MP3 downloads and writes extensively on subjects related to personal development and empowerment.
Voice of Jeanie Marshall,

Keys to Success

"Keys to success... Research your idea, Plan for success, Expect
success, & just plain do it! It amazes me how many people skip the
last step! Practice being a "doer" and success will follow you every
step of the way!"

*-- Josh S. Hinds

"You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in
other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people
interested in you."

*-- Dale Carnegie

"Saying yes and no clearly builds confidence and rids us of the
misconception that we are powerless."

*-- Marsha Sinetar

By Lisa J. Allen - Our Worst Enemy

Who do you consider as your worst enemy? The criminals roaming
the dark streets? Your boss who's killing you mentally and
emotionally with stress and harsh words? The people in the office
who are engaging in graft and corruption, instead of helping
those in need?

We have many implications of who our enemies are; but we have
one common foe who is the main cause of our failures and misfortunes, and quite frequently we're not even aware of this opponent.

You may not want to admit it, but our worst enemy is ourselves.

Who do you blame when something goes wrong? You blame the people around you, the weather, maybe even God. But we are the ones who are in control of ourselves. We can change the outcome
of our lives because we have the capacity to do that.

It is our fear, jealousy, greed, laziness, etc. that is ruining our lives.
Some people who never managed to get out of poverty blame the
government, other people, their parents , siblings, or their jobs. But they're too afraid to try out new ventures that may improve their lives. They half-heartedly go to work, then when the day is done, they watch TV or go out aimlessly having fun or drinking without seriously thinking of what great opportunities the future has in store for them, if only they would try to do something different with their lives.

Fear has caused many to remain frigid and to never go out seeking
the wonderful things this world has to offer. Many people would
rather stay where they are -- in an unsatisfied state -- than risk difficulties and obstacles for the sake of attaining their dreams.

If their lives are not getting any better, they have no one else to
blame but themselves.

Jealousy and envy can also cause relationship problems. Some people immediately jump to conclusions without first analyzing the situation. They let their sudden emotions control their behaviors without thinking of the consequences that may result. If they're having problems with their relationships, they have no one else to blame but themselves.

This goes to show that we decide what will happen to us. Of course, there are circumstances that are beyond our control, like natural disasters. But we can still utilize to our best advantage the things that we have control of.

For instance, you got rejected by your dream girl (or guy). Some people would just get drunk and feel miserable, thinking that it's the end of the world. Some will move forward with their lives and find the best in what remains with them. See? It's really up to you. You decide if you want to have a good life or not.

You failed in your exams? So what? There's another opportunity. You can just sulk in sorrow or you can study harder to get a high score in the future. It's up to you. There's no use crying over spilled milk. You don't have to get frustrated over misfortune. Concentrate on how to make it better in the future.

If we encounter a problem, we can either give in to it, or we can treat
it as an opportunity to become stronger and to become better individuals. Winners always treat their problems as opportunities.

Oh yes. We can be our worst enemy, but we can also be our best friend. It's all up to us!

Lisa J. Allen, MEd, MIS;

Friday, August 18, 2006

Your Own Resolution

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed
is more important than any other."

*-- Abraham Lincoln

"Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at
earth and you get neither."

*-- C. S. Lewis

"Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to

*-- Anthony Robbins

Energy at Work - By Jeanie Marshall

Energy works for you, with you, in you, and as you. In fact, you are energy.

In the workplace, when you enhance your sensitivity to energy you can enhance your experience of empowerment, effectiveness, and efficiency. Energy is synonymous with movement. When energy is blocked, you are less creative and satisfied.

Energy is at work every place, not just in the workplace. Enhancing your awareness of energy assists you in every situation. As your awareness of energy increases, you find an even greater need or desire to be more aware of energy to facilitate the ever-increasing acceleration of creativity and intuition. It is exponential.

You notice energy in your own unique way. The ways available to you include: your five physical senses, your sense of balance, your intuition, and your feelings. I call these "noticing mechanisms" or "channels of perception." As you notice these noticing mechanisms, they become more efficient and effective. As you notice energy, energy flows in the direction you notice. Your attention expands whatever you are noticing.

You are individually responsible for how you direct this flow of energy, so it is important that you focus on the areas that you consider to be worthy of your attention. What is worthy of one person's attention is not necessarily worthy of another person's attention. The world keeps expanding because you view, read, and interpret energy in ways that are different from others. Differences are to be celebrated, not absorbed into sameness.

Have you noticed an increase in activity and creativity in all parts of your life, with more and more of everything? You have more ideas than you can carry out. And so do others! More technology exists than most individuals can comprehend. The Internet connects people from different parts of the world in ways that are not possible through any other medium. With more and more of everything, you must be more discerning about how to invest your energy -- at work, at play, at home, in the world.

Reading energy is a powerful skill for helping you to find the products or friends or ideas or travel routes or jobs that are worthy of your attention and/or are more efficient, effective, or empowering. You are reading and interpreting energy all the time, because everything is energy. If you do not think of relating to people, places, things and ideas as reading energy, just open yourself to that possibility. With awareness and practice, you can learning how to read energy more clearly.

Here is a simple approach to reading energy more clearly over time:

1. Set an intention to be more aware of energy. (For example, "I want to be more aware of energy.")

2. Close your eyes or focus your eyes on a blank wall or paper. (You can practice best with no one around by closing your eyes; if others are present, choose a focal point that minimizes your looking for verbal clues.)

3. Listen inside yourself. (Focus the attention inside yourself for the most effective reading of energy.)

4. Notice how you feel. (Use any or any combination of your noticing mechanisms.)

5. Repeat. (The only way to become really good at reading energy is to practice, practice. practice.)

How are you going to notice and use your energy today? This week? At your next meeting? In the next hour?

Copyright © 2006 Marshall House Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant and Coach with Marshall House, produces Guided Meditations on CD albums and MP3 downloads and writes extensively on subjects related to personal development and empowerment.

Voice of Jeanie Marshall,

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Believe In What You Are Doing

"If you believe in what you are doing, then let nothing hold you
up in your work. Much of the best work of the world has been
done against seeming impossibilities. The thing is to get the
work done."

*-- Dale Carnegie

"The important thing to remember is that if you don’t have that
inspired enthusiasm that is contagious whatever you do have is also

*-- Danny Cox

"Don't mistake movement for achievement. It's easy to get faked out by
being busy. The question is: Busy doing what?"

*-- Jim Rohn

Dare to Dream Big Dreams - By Robert Prentice

Never be afraid to dream big dreams. Be bold and allow your thinking to get way out there. Take a step outside of the norm, where most people fear to tread. I should caution you though, that this time of dreaming big is not yet the time to share with others. There are people who have a tendency to be dream stealers-thieves who shoot down and attack other people's goals, passions, and possibilities. You certainly don't need that kind of interference in the beginning.

When you are dreaming, allow your mind to take that leap into the realm of the impossible. Believe you are capable of anything your heart and mind can agree upon. Do not second-guess yourself. Have no doubt in your personal potential and remember that each and every one of us has a great wealth of potential that is often lying dormant and just waiting to be tapped.

Once you have done some dreaming, take time to clarify your dream, by writing or typing three or four paragraphs, so you can hold it out in front of you and see it in black and white. Read what you have written, and look at it from as many perspectives as possible. When you believe your dream is sound, and you are clear in your mind about what you really want and what it will take to get what you want, and you know you have a real passion for achieving this dream of yours, then go ahead and share your it with someone that you trust, respect and/or love. Give them a copy of your specific dream and enlist their cooperation in holding you accountable for the fulfillment of your big dream.

Of course, you could always opt not to dream big dreams. Or you could dream big dreams and just never act on them. After all, status quo is pretty easy, isn't it? No harm may be done at all if you fail to dream. But then again, you really never know what you, or the world might miss if you don't.

©2005 Professional Development Systems All Rights Reserved

Robert Prentice of Professional Developments Systems has spent the last twenty years bringing inspiration and motivation to business owners as well as their employees. For more information visit his website at

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It Will Look Better

"It ain't as bad as you think. It will look better in the morning."

*-- Colin Powell

"Forgiveness is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself.
If you can’t learn to forgive, you can forget about achieving true
success in your life."

*-- Dr. Wayne Dyer

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics
without strategy is the noise before defeat."

*-- Sun Tzu

Enthusiasm Makes the Difference! - By SK Wong

How enthusiastic are you about your dream list that you have created? Do you eyes glow with sparkling light whenever you talked about your dream list?

Emerson said, “Nothing Great ever Achieves without Enthusiasm.” The word enthusiasm came from a Greek word enthios which means ‘the god within’ and that literally translate as; with enthusiasm, you will be able to achieve whatever your heart desire to be! Though, to achieve our heart desire, it may be influenced by many factors and the circumstances we were in, the chances of success are very much depend on our level of enthusiasm.
Without enthusiasm in doing what we aspiring to do, we will be dragging to work like hard labor, it definitely will affect the quality of our work; like the story that follows.

A man visited a sub-urban area and saw two workers were laying bricks. He approached the first man and asked, “What are you doing?” The first worker replied, “Don’t you see I am laying brick!” He then approached the second worker and asked the same question. The second worker replied, “Good Morning sir, I am building a magnificent building which will become the monument of this town. It will provide a meeting place for all of us and share our joys and achievement of this town!” Same job, different replies!

What makes the different? The only different is enthusiasm, for the first worker, it was just a routine job, for the second worker, he has a different vision that his work will serve the community and he found satisfaction in doing so.What is your level of enthusiasm in the work you are doing now? If it does not light
up your eyes when you talk about it, perhaps you should start thinking of writing your dream list.

Children are more enthusiastic about any thing that’s new to them. Tell them that you will bring them for a feast in any of the fast food chain; they will enthusiastically ask you everyday is it time yet for a week. Tell them that you will bring them for a beach holiday; they will enthusiastically asked you for a month. As adult, many seemed to loose the child in them, almost all things become routine to them and every day is just another day.

Run through the dream list that you have written; talk with your love one or your close friends, the one that brought sparkling eyes when you talk about it and with great enthusiasm, will probably be your heart desired dream. You may not aware when you speak about your heart desire dream but your listener would. Draw up a plan, design a strategy and work toward achieving it! You may not see the progress in near term, but with great enthusiasm and consistent work, you will be able to achieve your goal.

“Great results cannot be achieved at once, and we must be satisfied to advance in life as we walk-step by step.” Samuel Smiles.

Be enthusiastic in your Dream; Go for it!

SK Wong is a Charter Marketer with a MBA in Finance providing Marketing and Risk Management training and services to his local business community. He is also a Certified Member Trainer and a Member of Junior Chamber International Senate (Senate No 50353) His online Business Resources for Small Business Home Business and aspiring netrepreneurs can be view at

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

To Dare Mighty Things

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even
though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor
souls who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the
gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."

*-- Theodore Roosevelt

"The important thing to remember is that if you don’t have that
inspired enthusiasm that is contagious whatever you do have is also

*-- Danny Cox

"Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved."

*-- D. H. Lawrence {1885-1930 English Poet & Author}

Do You Have A Map For Life’s Road Trip? - By Al Lipper

I’ve talked before about how essential it is to have a plan for life. Not just having appointments in your planner and tasks on your to do list, but making sure your actions actually bring you closer to your long-term goals.

Let me share a brief story about Bill, a man in his early forties, who hopes to transition to working only part-time over the next five to seven years in order to spend time with his kids before they leave the house. He has a dream of someday retiring to a cabin in the mountains where he can spend his time reading, fishing and relaxing with his wife. Right now, he works a 9-to5 job and makes just enough money to pay the bills each month. He has been doing this for about 25 years. When I ask him when he plans to shift to part-time, he explains that he just doesn’t have time to focus on it right now, and that maybe next year he’ll look into figuring out how to do it.

Imagine Bill is on a road trip. His vision of working part-time and retiring to his cabin in the mountains are like his destination. Suppose he started out in Philadelphia and his destination is Los Angeles. Bill is currently still in Philadelphia, hoping that someday he will miraculously be transported to Los Angeles. But right now, he has yet to consult a map and plan out his route (develop a life plan). Instead, he just jumped in his car and has been driving for 25 years. Chances are, he will run out of gas before he ever gets halfway across the country – maybe even before he leaves Philadelphia. Ironically, when asked if he’s consulted a map, he essentially says “I don’t have time to look at the map right now, I’m too busy driving.”

Bill is not some anomaly. In fact, we all tend to do this type of thing in some area of our life. We are not taught in school to plan a future – we just hear about it from friends, family and the media, taking whatever advice we stumble across. The road trip analogy is really an excellent way to look at life.

Let's consider Susan, who took a similar situation and made it come out quite different. Like Bill, she has a 9-to-5 job. She plans (not “hopes”) to work part-time, like Bill, then retire to a beach house in California. But Susan has a solid plan. She figured out that if she saves $10 each day in a mutual fund investment, she will have over $2,200,000 to retire on by age 55 (she saves this $10 by bringing her own lunch to work most days and not buying coffee in the morning). In fact, she figured out that she can begin working half-time at age 50, while still reaching these financial goals. Susan learned about the value of saving early in her life.

Back to our metaphor, she has looked at her map and located her destination (working part-time and retiring early), then figured out a route to follow from where she is now to where she wants to go (she created a plan). She made sure she would be able to follow her route to the destination without running out of gas money (did the math on how much she would have by age 55 if she invested $10 per day). Then she got in the car and started to drive, following her planned route as best as she could (she executed her plan). Sure, things didn't always go as expected – there was bad weather, her car broke down a couple of times, there were traffic jams and road closures, but she dealt with them as they came up, always knowing what her final destination was (In reality, she faced unexpected medical bills, got laid off, broke up with her fiancée, etc. but always found a way to get back on track toward her ultimate goal).

You get the idea. Note that there are many variations on this theme. Here are a few of them – see if you can recognize them in people you know, or even in yourself.

•Some people drive without a map (They live life as each day comes with no plan for the things they want to be a part of their future)

•Some drive with a map, but don't look at it (They once made a plan for what they want in life, but now they are way off track. They deal with this by simply not looking at their plan)

•Some looked at their map, but never get on the highway, just driving around the same streets again and again even though they once knew that those streets would never take them to their destination. (These are people who understood that they need to take certain steps to get to their long-term life goals. But they feel that it's too much work, so they put off ever starting. As a result they live one day at a time, just like the people who don't have a map).

•Some spend their time looking over the map, planning out every detail, but never actually get in the car and start to drive. (These are people who are in “analysis paralysis.” They spend their lives planning, they tell everyone what they'll do someday, but when it comes time to taking action, they say things like “I have to figure out a bit more detail…” They are forever stuck in the planning stage.)

•Some will run out of gas before they reach their destination, though even minor planning would have made it clear that this would happen. (These are people who made a plan, started out on the right track, but then when life events got them off track, they never evaluated how they were doing relative to their original goal. As a result, they've ended up lost and disillusioned, perhaps asking “How did I get here?”)

•Some pass many gas stations saying “I don't have time to get gas.” Then when the needle finally gets to Empty, they frantically start looking for gas stations only to find they are too far away to make it on the gas they have remaining. (These are people who are headed in the right direction, but sabotage themselves by not gathering the resources they need to keep going. The result is that they have an excuse like “I didn't have time,” “I don't have the money for it right now,” “My life is crazy right now because my landlord is kicking me out for paying my rent late too often.” The closer they get, the more “stuff” will get in their way – looking at the bigger picture usually reveals that it is stuff they could have prevented.)

There are four basic steps:

1. Clearly define where you want to go, then write it down. (Your goals may be for your career, family, finances, health, etc. or a combination of more than one).

2. Come up with a plan for getting there (learn from other people who have already done it before you. As Issac Newton said “I have seen as far as I have because I stand upon the shoulders of giants”)

3. Take action. Just do it. Each day, you should be taking some action that brings you closer to your bigger life goals. Large achievements are made from small steps taken day after day. (Tell someone about your goals – it's best if it is someone who will really hold you accountable, and who you would be embarrassed to have see you not follow through)

4. Continually evaluate the results you're getting to make sure you're still on track for your destination. If you're not, figure out what you need to change to get there. Then, go back to step #3. (At regular times each week, read your goals and ask the simple question “Am I closer to my goal than I was last week?” If so, great! Celebrate your success. If not, ask “What could I change that would bring me closer during the coming week?” If you get stuck, push yourself with a question like “What if I would lose my job if I didn't reach this goal – then what action would I do?”)

It takes some courage to look at your life and draw an honest analogy between your journey and a road trip. But remember, simply not looking at something doesn't make it not true. Being straight with yourself about where you are and where you want to be, as well as what you're doing to get there, will give you a valuable opportunity. Either you're on track, and deserve to celebrate, or you're not, and you can develop a plan for getting there.

I work with people all the time who never realized that they were on a road that would never get them to their greater life goals, and some who don't even know what their greater goals are. It's not nearly as hard as you might think to develop a plan and make progress on it. Imagine where you could be a year from now if you are working toward a goal like finding a new relationship, earning more money, changing jobs or anything else you set your mind to. Stay tuned for future articles on staying motivated and overcoming procrastination. In the meantime, pull out the map, get on the freeway and put the pedal to the metal!

Coach Al Lipper of 'Destiny: Success' offers Life Coaching services for people seeking life balance. Contact him today for your free half-hour coaching session to get yourself underway toward the life you want. Visit 'Destiny: Success' at

Monday, August 14, 2006

Nothing is So Easy

"Nothing is so easy as to deceive oneself; for what we wish,
we readily believe."

*-- Demosthenes

"The need to be right all the time is the biggest bar to new
ideas. It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to
be wrong than to be always right by having no ideas at all."

*-- Edward deBono

"Goals give you more than a reason to get up in the morning;
they are an incentive to keep you going all day. Goals tend
to tap the deeper resources and draw the best out of life."

*-- Harvey Mackay

Be the Star that You Are - By Wambui Bahati

When I was a child, I developed a great love and respect for the theater. From my early adult years through the present, I have had the good fortune of performing in some extraordinarily wonderful productions all over the country. It wasn’t all a piece of cake though, as the saying goes. Life and work with the theater can be brutal on the psyche. When I used to audition regularly for shows in New York City, I found it was possible for me to be too tall, too short, too light, too dark, too skinny, too heavy, too young, too old, too pretty, and not pretty enough -- all in one morning.

Auditioning is about waiting or hoping to be chosen. I would enter a room and hope that I was what they were looking for. A role does not necessarily go to the most talented person (talent is after all, relative and depends heavily on personal opinion). It is much more than that though, casting a show is not just about finding the most brilliant performer. It involves finding a person who also fits the physical and vocal characteristics of the character, the right looks and the right voice. And besides that, there are not that many parts to go around. Therefore, no matter how many talented, gifted, awesome, or right-for-the-part people there may be, everyone is not going to get a part.

Even after we're cast and still pretty close to elated about working in a new show, we find that we are very dependent on the decisions of others. There are producers, writers, and designers – a whole creative team is involved in a show. On top of that, sometimes even the critics end up defining our roles in a given show. We can be creative within the boundaries that they set. They determine the lines we say, the songs we sing, who the other cast members are and whether or not we will be fired.

Live theatre is wonderful! Fine actors and an excellent creative team can produce magic. They take someone's story – mere words on paper and give it life, emotion, motion and excitement (hopefully). That's Theater.

Sadly, many of us live our personal lives as if they were someone else's theater production. We live our lives and limit our creativity to the boundaries set by others. Today I encourage you to be your own producer and creative team for your own personal life. We have the ability to produce and star in a magnificent, long-running, spectacular hit. That hit is our life.

Isn't it exciting? We don't have to wait to be chosen. We can cast ourselves in any role we want to play. The key is in deciding what that role might be. And it gets even better. In life, if we decide we don't like our part, we have the power to rewrite it. This is the Joy of (so-called) real-life. Yet, so many of us wait for others to dictate the role we will play. And worse yet, we feel powerless to do anything about it. We react instead of act. We must not allow any outside person or group of people to decide what part we are going to play in our own lives.

In commercial theater, there are no unimportant roles. If the role were not necessary, it would not have been written. Believe me when I say producers are not interested in paying an actor who is not a necessary part of the show. Likewise, the Universe did not create anyone or anything that is not necessary. You are necessary and every part you play is important.

In commercial theater, on nights when there is no show, the theater is referred to as being "dark." If being the star of our own show (remember, in real life every role is a starring role) gets to be too exhausting, we can exit the world stage without exiting life. It's called meditation or contemplation, and some call it prayer.

Closing our eyes and going "dark" is essential for our well-being in the real world too. Use this time to remember your objectives and to thank the Universe that you are in a hit show. Ask the Universe for guidance if there is a particular scene you are having trouble with. Sometimes it might be necessary to write yourself a role where it appears that you are a background player for a while. Just for a little while.

Listen for the cue that you need to hear, see, or feel. If you should happen to miss a cue, wait for the next one. Don’t beat yourself up over a missed cue or a late entrance. It's your show. The life critics have no power over you. They cannot shut down your show unless you give them that power. Just like in commercial theater – they are only giving their opinion. That’s what they do and it has nothing to do with you. They created that role for themselves.

Stop replaying what you believe to be the missed cues and sour notes of your life. Maybe the drama you are featuring yourself in is physically and mentally draining you. Perhaps you find that the comedy you’re playing in now is a little too frivolous for you. If this is the case, then it's time to write yourself some new songs, or at least write some new lyrics to the old melodies. Decide to learn some new tunes and perhaps even a new dance step. What kind of lighting will be appropriate?

Also, consider the script. What are you saying and doing? Are these your words? Are you thinking and feeling for yourself? Write your own script. Make an outline. Have a plan. Are your feelings and thoughts sincere? Are you considerate of others and the parts and shows that they have written for themselves? Do you respect their right to do a show that you may not agree with? If we are really excited about creating, starring, and having fun in our own show, we have no time to be concerned or to criticize someone else's show.

Surrounding yourself with the right cast members is important too. Sometimes it is hard to give your best performance if you are among cast members who are not giving 100 per cent. If you continue to play opposite players who are not playing full out, you will eventually lower your own expectations, believing this is the norm. Don’t let any player steal your thunder. Do not give less than you have in order not to make the others look bad. Fire those around you who drain your energy and are unnecessary burdens. Recast those parts with others who understand your "big picture" and have similar goals, those that you trust, and most of all those who you can laugh with.

Your show will be a hit as long as you remember that you hold and have access to all of your show's creative power. Ask yourself from time to time, is this a show that I'm proud of? If the answer is ever no, then rewrite, recast, or exit into the wings and decide what your next cue is. Remember, if you don't cast yourself in your own show, you will, by default, play a role in someone else's show. Why not be a shining star in the greatest show in the Universe - your own show- your life?

Wambui Bahati (Miss Inspiration) is a professional speaker and entertainer.

Her passion: "Reminding You of Your Magnificence."

Sunday, August 13, 2006

In Our Daily Lives

"In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that
makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy."

*-- Albert Clarke

"Face your deficiencies and acknowledge them; but do not let
them master you. Let them teach you patience, sweetness,

*-- Helen Keller (1880-1968) American Writer

"Dreams not pursued by action are simply that, dreams with
little prospect of being attained. Action taken without a plan
or direction is simply that-- action with little prospect of
success. Tie the plan and the action together and the dreams
can become reality."

*-- Julie V. Watson

Are You An Optimist Or A Pessimist? - By Tim Connor

Is the glass half full or half empty? Will this product, policy, strategy work or fail? Can I really achieve my dreams or am I living in fantasy-land?
These and hundreds of other questions are asked every day by well meaning and hard working people.
Lionel Tiger in his great book, Optimism, the Biology of Hope, written over forty years ago discusses how optimism impacts a person’s attitudes, outlook, success and health. He suggests that people who are less optimistic about life, the present and the future tend to get sick more frequently and often die sooner.
In the book, Learned Optimism by Segleman, he discusses how each of us begins every project, activity, task, relationship, career etc. with either a YES or a NO or a YES I can and I will or NO I can’t and I won’t in their hearts.
You can’t measure optimism. You can’t bottle it, regulate it, run out of it or manufacture it but you can learn to develop it if you will only take the time and effort. Some people feel it is better to be realistic than optimistic – why set yourself up for disappointment? Tell me what is realistic? Looking back over the past 100 years. Where would we be if: Edison, Bell, Gates, Ford, Land, Disney etall. were realistic? If their attitude had been, it hasn’t been done yet so I guess it can’t be done!

There are numerous benefits to having an optimistic outlook. And just as many pitfalls in not having one. Here are a few of the benefits.
You will achieve more, you will have more fun. you will be happier, you will have more friends, you will enjoy life more, you will be healthier.

The pessimists of the world will laugh, smile or even gloat when your optimism seems to give you no real obvious benefits. But no one can determine the hidden payback that may not be evident to society but is a known in your own heart and mind.

If you are wondering, questioning or challenging my thinking here I’ll leave you with a thought. If I am positive and optimistic about something and I am wrong, what have I lost. If you are negative or pessimistic about something and you are right what have you gained?

In the end it really isn’t about whether we were right or wrong, negative or positive or optimistic or pessimistic. The only thing that matters is did we live a peaceful, happy and contented life with whatever views we held.

Tim Connor, CSP is an internationally renowned sales, relationship, management and leadership speaker, trainer and best selling author. Since 1981 he has given over 3500 presentations in 21 countries on a variety of sales, management and relationship topics. He is the best selling author of over 60 books including; Soft Sell, Your First Year in Sales, Peace of Mind and The Male Gift Giving Survival Guide. His latest books just released are; 81 Management Challenges and Above Ground, A Story of Life’s Gifts To You. He can be reached at, 704-895-1230 or visit his website at

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Believe You Can

"Believe you can do it. Believing something can be done puts your mind to work for you and helps you find ways to do it."

*-- George Shinn {Author of “The Miracle of Motivation"}

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it
you will end up among the stars."

*-- Les Brown

"Fortune favors the bold and brave."

*-- Goethe

All in a Name - By Lesley Moore

Do you define yourself by what others say, or by who you say you are? Are the definitions created by what you feel inside, or by what you do on the outside?

At age 37, I had mastered the act of wife, mom and teacher. On top of that, while my friends barely made it to the gym three times a week, I was pushing myself physically five or six times a week. I was a classic gym-junkie doing aerobic classes, spin classes and grunts over the weights, but the one thing I wasn’t…was a runner.

I mean, I could run, but only if it wasn’t too hot, too cold, too windy…or more than 30 minutes. And while I never stopped trying, it never really felt right and was kept on the list of things that I’m not.

My parents, though, were real runners. They were runners who ran because they could, not because the weather conditions were perfect or because they had nothing better to do. They were runners because they ran and not only did they run around the block, but often ran for hours, covering 20 miles during their training runs. The goal: 26.2 miles, to be exact.
I didn’t think much of it, until the fifth time I stood as a spectator for The New York City Marathon. There was my dad, cruising along at some speed clearly too fast for him at mile 16 (still smiling) and then my mom, some miles behind, just happy to hit the pavement slow and steady. It was that day, though, that I noticed the other runners as if for the first time. There were mothers, fathers, and friends running in packs. There were runners for a cause, and perhaps some looking for a cause, while others simply struggled to see a mile-marker somewhere in sight. There were old, young, skinny, overweight and even disabled runners, but no matter who they were, they all revealed one thing: their strength.

They had all endured 16 weeks of training, the pounding of the pavement, the silence of the streets and now shared a look of pain in their eyes as they reached mile 23. It was that look that made me wonder what gave people the strength to carry on, even when what they wanted to do was lie down. Who were they and who could I become if I could redefine myself as a runner?

And so, I began my quest to redefine myself. It was a huge challenge for me, but according to my mom, not as big as choosing just the right words for my shirt.

“The shirt will make or break your run,” she said confidently.
Questioning the truth behind her words, I stared at my shirt in awe. U Go Girl!
“YOU GO GIRL!” I said, feeling a little more hip than usual. It seemed crazy, but maybe there was something magical about those words. Perhaps I did have a real chance at becoming something I had not been before.
On race day I felt focused and strong, unafraid of bridges, big cities, strangers, failure and stomachaches. My dad and I were, Go Mercury and You Go girl and that was how we would remain for the next 26.2 miles. You go!

“Go Mercury!” a stranger yelled.
And then it came. “You Go Girl!”

At that, I turned to see a group of women yelling for me, as my blood rushed through my body. With an extra bounce in my step, I put my closed fist in the air as if to cheer myself on. This was clearly just the beginning as the crowds continued to chant our new names throughout the race, with their voices carrying me weightlessly through the air for ten miles.

After the next 13 miles, though, I was feeling quite heavy and wondered where the strength for 3 more miles would come. A dull ache began in my back and the arch of my foot seemed to be scraping on the pavement. I glanced at my husband, who had joined in for support and prayed he could read my mind.

“I’m tired,” I said weakly, in case he didn’t know.

“Twenty-three miles might do that to you,” he said with a slight laugh. “You got this,” he added with confidence. “You go girl.”

It was those three little words that transformed me in a matter of seconds, as if being handed a completely new title. I lifted my head high and began to hear the Central Park crowds roaring. The sensations from my body began to dissolve as I continued in stride, each stride lighter than the next, and each “YOU GO GIRL” giving me just the energy I needed. I looked carefully at each person that cheered for me, memorizing the smells and the sensations.

I’m going to make it, I said to myself as I saw mile 26 approach. I’m going to make it for sure.
Tears welled up in my eyes as my fist continued to acknowledge the strangers who supported my new name and then I saw the finish. ‘You Go Girl! someone yelled.

“I’m going!” I yelled back.
With the finish line in sight, my dad grabbed my hand. I could feel his strength, as well as my own as our feet crossed the line in unison and we smiled from ear to ear.

This was not just about finishing or about reaching a goal. It was about crossing the line in my own life and finding out who I could truly become. The list of possibilities now seemed endless and I couldn’t help but cry. You Go Girl!

Lesley Moore is President and Owner of LifeScope, Life and Executive Coaching. She specializes in working with individuals in transition, empowering them to create a life they love and with professionals to help them bridge the gap between expectation and performance. She is also a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Freelance Writer. Lesley graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Journalism and has studied coaching through the Mentor Coach Program, which is recognized by the International Coach Federation. For more information about Life and Executive Coaching, visit her website at or e-mail her at

Friday, August 11, 2006

Quality of a Persons Life

"The quality of a persons life is in direct proportion to their
commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field."

*-- Vince Lombardi

"Finding time to loaf - to think, daydream, or simply enjoy being
in the moment - is a critical part of maintaining a healthy mind
and body."

*-- Kathy Paauw

"Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance

*-- Jackson Brown

Get Ahead During The Time Others Waste - By John L. Mason

Don't be a person who says, "Ready! Aim, aim, aim, aim." As fast as each opportunity presents itself, use it! No matter how small the opportunity may be, use it! Do the thing you need to do when it ought to be done whether you like it or not. "He who hesitates misses the green light, gets bumped in the rear, and loses his parking space" (Herbert Prochnow).

One of the deceptions of an unproductive life is that today is not the critical, important, decisive day. Every day comes bearing its gifts. Untie the ribbons, tear into the wrapping, open it up. Write on your heart every day that it is the best day of the year.

By the time the fool had learned to play the game, the players have dispersed, and the rules have changed. Don't find yourself striking when the iron is cold. Instead, scratch opportunity where it itches. Life is made of constant calls to action.

You never know what you can do until you try. Remember, the moment you say, "I give up," someone else is seeing the same situation and saying, "My, what a great opportunity." The fact is that no opportunity is ever lost; someone else picks up those you missed. A secret of success in life is to be ready for the opportunity when it comes. Ability is nothing apart from opportunity.

Time flies. It's up to you to be the pilot. It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time others waste. A secret of success is to do something else in the meantime. Make quick use of the moment.

It is later than you think. Be ready now. God's alarm clock has no snooze button. It doesn't do any good to "stand up and take notice" if you sit down as soon as opportunity comes by. Look at it, size it up, make a decision. You postpone your life when you can't make up your mind.

"If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done... Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow - perhaps it all will" (Eccl. 11:4,6 TLB).

- John Mason, from the book Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop (Want a free book? Go to

John Mason is a national best-selling author, nationally recognized speaker and book coach. You can visit his site at to receive this nugget and ones just like it in your email inbox every week. Very inspiring!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Enjoy Everything That Happens

"Enjoy everything that happens in your life, but never make
your happiness or success dependent on an attachment to any
person, place, or thing. "

*-- Dr. Wayne Dyer

"Anyone can be a genius, if they pick just one specific subject
and study it diligently just 15 minutes each day."

*-- Albert Einstein

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may
learn how to do it."

*-- Pablo Picasso{1881-1973}

The Dos And Don'ts Of Being Successful - By Ed Smith

Interested in being more successful, but not sure what to do? Follow the dos and don’ts in this article and you will be on your way.

The first don’t is that you should not focus on the negative. So your first step is to forget about the don’ts and focus on the dos, thus the rest of the article will focus on things you should do to move your life ahead.

Do know what you want to accomplish. You need to know what you want in clear, quantifiable terms, before you can be successful. If you don’t know what you want you will have trouble laying out plans to accomplish your goal and won’t know when you have accomplished your goal.

Do have a written plan to accomplish your goal. The effort that goes into a plan is well worth it, as it causes you to think through all aspects of what is required to accomplish the goal. If you have a written plan, you have a grasp on the time and money required. Also you will have a feel for where you are now and what is required to move to the completed goal. You will learn if you need more training, more equipment, etc.

Do begin to act on your plan right now. Nothing kills more great plans than setting them aside until you “feel like it”, the time is right, or other excuses we give for not taking action now. I like the story about the researcher that supposedly stood on a street corner in Hollywood and asked passers by “how’s the screenplay coming?” to which 67% of the respondents said “almost done”. You be the one that said, “I am my way to a meeting with my agent on it now”.

Do make sure you do not have conflicting goals. If you want to make a million dollars, it rarely happens if you also have a goal to spend more time at the beach. Write out your goals and make sure there are no conflicts.

Do find your dream and turn it into a way to make money. Most people think that there is no way they can do what they love and make money at it. I recently read a story about a man that makes his living building sand castles. He loves the beach and loves to build things out of sand, and now makes a living traveling the country entering contests for the best sand sculpture, teaching sand sculpture classes, and other such activities. So you to can find a way to blend you leisure time activities, in with a way to make money and you will have the best of both worlds.

Do remember to enjoy the process. The latest research on happiness shows that high levels of happiness rarely last more than 2 weeks, and then we revert back to our base levels of happiness. This means that you happiness over a new job, promotion, raise, etc will be relatively short lived. So if you want sustained happiness, you must learn to find ways to enjoy the process, as opposed to the end result. As you work toward a goal, give yourself credit for the good work you are doing, and so on, and develop enjoyment in the day-to-day activities you are involved in.

Do set high standards for yourself and others in all areas of your life. Expect the best from yourself and others and everyone will rise to meet the expectations. People perform better if they know you expect their best, and that includes ourselves.

Do remember that everything counts. All of your actions, as well as inactions, either take you closer to, or away from your goals.

Do develop good habits. Start taking actions that will support you health, business, and personal life, on a regular basis, and they will turn into habits. I go to the gym 3 times a week and it has become a habit that would be harder to break than continue. Just as bad habits seem impossible to kick, good habits can become just as hard to stop and then you will make progress without it seeming like hard work.

Start to implement the “dos” covered in this article right now. Life can be short and the road to the top can be long, but if you start on the road now, you will be on the expressway to the top and success will soon be yours.

Edward W. Smith is the author of Sixty Seconds To Success, he produces and hosts the Bright Moment cable TV and internet radio show, is president of the Bright Moment Seminars, is a motivational speaker, and publishes the free, daily, email of the One Minute Motivator (quick peak performance tip). His website is and his email is