Thursday, June 30, 2016

What You Need To Do

"You dictate how hard you work on a project, when you will study for an exam, how dedicated you’ll be to a diet. You don’t worry about how much others are training or how much studying a fellow classmate is doing; you worry about you, your effort, and what you need to do in order to achieve your vision."

-- Bob Bowman

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Your Intentions Are Crucial

"Your intentions are crucial, since they align your thoughts and actions with what you care about and aspire to most deeply.  And your intentions and actions must be guided by an ethical understanding and approach to life—a commitment to living and acting in a wise, compassionate, and mindful way."

-- Hugh G. Byrne

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Thinking and Becoming a Champion

"“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” Pay attention to these things and you will be on your way to thinking like a champion—and becoming one."

-- Donald Trump

Monday, June 27, 2016

What We Can Learn From Geniuses

"If anything, what we learn from geniuses like Mozart and Woods is that they're flawed human beings like the rest of us.  They simply practiced at a single art form longer than most of us ever will."

-- Cliff Michaels

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Today Is Your Brand New Day

"You clearly understand that failure is an event, not a person; that yesterday ended last night, and today is your brand-new day."

-- Zig Ziglar

Don't Just Hope For That Gold Medal

"Listen, you can’t just hope that a gold medal, a good grade, or a promotion is waiting for you at the end of a cycle. You must do everything in your power—in your Game Plan—to make sure you deserve that reward."

-- Bob Bowman

Friday, June 24, 2016

Learned To Control Your Mind

"You can never get the maximum, or even a fair average of constructive action out of your mind until you have learned to control it and keep it from becoming stimulated through anger of ear!"

-- Napoleon Hill

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Head For The Right People

"If you’re feeling negative or daunted by the challenges of getting what you want, don’t hang out with people who will confirm those negative thoughts. Head for the people you know will build you up and help you to feel positive."

-- Richard Templar

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Just Focus And Get Going

"Don’t avoid success because you think the responsibility might be too much—just focus and get going! You’d be surprised at what intelligent effort can produce."

-- Donald Trump

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Receiving Feelings

"Receiving involves feeling the way you will feel once your desire has manifested. Feeling good now puts you on the frequency of what you want."

-- Rhonda Byrne

Monday, June 20, 2016

What You Need To Get Success

"Envision everything you wish. But to get success you have to work for it. I have never met anyone who has achieved something by being static."

-- Bob Bowman

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Taking A Positive Action

"Don’t wait until you feel like taking a positive action. Take the action and then you will feel like doing it."

-- Zig Ziglar

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Stay Focus on Your End Result

"By staying focused on the end result, you’ll be more motivated to remain committed to your goal. So see yourself accomplishing the things you’ve set for yourself—become that final outcome in your mind, set your mind toward that goal, and refuse to abandon your commitment."

-- Keith Harrell

Friday, June 17, 2016

Practice with Passion and Purpose

"Does anyone still believe Tiger's accomplishments are the result of good genes alone?  Of course not. Tiger routinely credits his father for teaching him to practice with passion and purpose."

-- Cliff Michaels

Thursday, June 16, 2016

How To Learn More About A Principle

"We learn more about a principle the moment we try to teach it to someone else; therefore, do not rest contented with your own understanding of this Golden Rule principle."

-- Napoleon Hill

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Your Daily Responsibility

"Not everyone can be the world champion at something, but you can strive to be the best you can be. That’s the first step—and a daily responsibility."

-- Donald Trump

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Challenging, Difficult Painful Experiences

"Challenging, difficult, or painful experiences won’t stop being challenging, difficult, or painful, but you can meet them as a challenge rather than as a curse—as something that shouldn’t be happening."

-- Hugh G. Byrne

Monday, June 13, 2016

People Who Have Direction

"It seems universally true that people who have direction in their lives go farther and faster and get more done in all areas of their lives."

-- Zig Ziglar

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Break Big Ambitions Into Stages

"Take big ambitions in stages, and treat every stage as an achievement in itself. Otherwise the mountain will be too high to scale and you’ll lose heart."

-- Richard Templar

Saturday, June 11, 2016

What Genius Depends On

"Upon close inspection, we discover that genius is a least dependent upon passion, practice, and purpose as much as any lucky draw of the gene pool."

-- Cliff Michaels

Friday, June 10, 2016

You Responsible For Your Education

"Someone once said that not knowing history was like being a leaf that didn’t know it was part of a tree. That’s an interesting visual and it applies to many people. We are individually responsible for our education, and that applies whether you’re in school or not."

-- Donald Trump

Thursday, June 09, 2016

When A Person Is Awaken

"Now and then; something happens, more in the nature of  an accident than anything else, which awakens a person and causes him to discover where his real strength lies and how to use it in the development of industry or one of the professions.  Result: a genius is born!"

-- Napoleon Hill

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Into The Crazy Beauty That Awaits

"Trust that all you’ve learned was worth learning, no matter what answer you have or do not have about what practical use it has in your life. Let whatever mysterious starlight that guided you this far guide you onward into the crazy beauty that awaits."

-- Cheryl Strayed

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

To Change Unhealthy Unwanted Habits

"If you wish to change unhealthy or unwanted habits, your intentions are key. Unless you’re clear about why you want to make a change in your life and how making a change will align you with your deepest aspirations, your old thought patterns and behavioral patterns will prevail."

-- Hugh G. Byrne

Monday, June 06, 2016

Have Faith And Persist

"Have faith to persist because only you know what you’re capable of—and then you shall be an incredible inspiration to others."

-- Greg S Reid

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Innate Curiousity and Passion For Life

"Besides an innate curiousity and passion for life, each of these geniuses was ridiculed in public.  Most notably, Einstein and Edison were considered substandard students.  So for anyone who ever felt out of place because the world was going too fast or too slow, your creative genius may simply be misunderstood - especially by others who are in fact going too fast or too slow."

-- Cliff Michaels

The Law of Compensation

"The law of compensation permits no voids or hollow places anywhere in the universe.  What is taken away from one place is replaced by something else."

-- Napoleon Hill

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Make A Decision And Do Something

"You have to be firm with yourself. After you’ve identified what you want—and decided why you want it and how much—you need to make a decision about whether you’re going to do something about it."

-- Richard Templar

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Characteristics of Old Age

"It has been said that decrepitude, senility, and the other characteristics of old age are brought on more often by mental attitudes than by the passing of years, and that fear, doubt, and worry produce more sagging bodies and lagging minds than we realize."

-- Eric Butterworth